4 Common Trade Show Mistakes

When exhibiting at a trade show, there are a lot of dos and don’ts. But unless you have a lot of experience in exhibiting at trade shows, it can be hard to know what you should and should not do. Here are four common mistakes that are made at trade shows. Let’s talk about the things that you should avoid doing while at a trade show.

Untrained Booth Staff

When at a trade show it is natural for the guests and the potential customers to have questions about your company and the products that you are offering. While you may think that your employees should already know everything there is to know about the products. However, just because your employee knows the product, does not mean that they know everything that they need to know in order to answer questions that people may have. Having an untrained staff will be a big turn off to people who is not familiar with your brand

Doing too Little with Your Display

Displays are an important element of trade shows. They can either attract potential customers to your booth, or will seem too boring for them to take interest in. One way to make sure that people will not be bored by your booth is to use backlit trade show displays. These will illuminate the display to make your brand stand out from all of the other competitors. This will create an ambience that will draw customers to your display. However, if you decide to keep your booth too simple, there will be very little chance of people being drawn to your display.

No Pre-Show Marketing

One common mistake that people make is not doing enough pre-show marketing. If there is none of this that is done, then no one will know that you are there. Some suggestions that would be great for a pre-marketing campaign could include asking your customers to know if they are attending, email marketing, as well as other forms of promotion. Your budget does not have to be very big in order to accomplish the goal of letting others know that you will be at the show, but whatever you decide to do will be better than no marketing at all.

No Specific Goals

When there are no goals there can be no results. When you go to a trade show without goals, it can be hard to track the progress that you and your company has made. Your trade show goals should be quite similar to your overall marketing goals. Working with a trade show exhibitionist expert will be very beneficial in helping you define your goals, as they have great experience and expertise in the scope of trade shows.


There is a lot to know and do when it comes to trade shows. Although there are so many benefits to trade shows, there are also a lot of common mistakes that can really hurt your chances of being successful in your trade show. Next time that you are trying to create a successful trade show display, then make sure to read this article to avoid some common mistakes.

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