5 Reasons Brands Are Choosing Dubai For Expansion  


The economy of Dubai is increasing at a faster pace. Proper business development is possible when you focus your attention on choosing the right marketplace for the brands that matter the most. As a result, Dubai Composite Business Confidence Index has grown by 10.2% every year.

International business investments can help your organization to grow in Dubai. Today, Dubai has become the epicenter for the establishment of new business units. Therefore, for developing your business, selecting the place forms a vital aspect for overall business development.

Why Brands Are Choosing Dubai For Expansion

Most of the world’s entrepreneurs are finding Dubai to be the safe haven for their business growth. There are several reasons why Dubai today has become the epicenter for the brand’s expansion.

For your business expansion, Dubai can provide all the amenities that it requires. So let’s find out some of the crucial reasons behind it to make the proper choices.

1.  No Headache For Taxation

Dubai applies a No Taxation policy for almost all the kinds of businesses that wish to expand there. As a result, certain types of companies do not have to pay taxes in Dubai to grow their business. However, except for the oil and gas companies, banks and hotels have to pay the taxes in Dubai.

Taxes that companies do not have to pay in Dubai are:

  • Capital gains tax.
  • Personal Income tax.
  • Withholding Tax.
  • Value-added Tax.
  • Corporate Tax.

If you do not get the above deductions in Dubai while doing your business there, seeking the help of the best law firm in Dubai can help you achieve your objectives.

2. Excellent Strategic Location 

Dubai is located between Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is one of the best places for doing business. Many Superpowers of the world are now focussing their attention on doing business in Dubai.

It is located in the middle of the UAE coast that helps in making international trade, import & export, logistics, hospitality, tourism, and event management easier for entrepreneurs. In addition, it also provides businesses with the strategic advantages that are essential for your business growth.

3. Safe haven To Do Business Smoothly  

Dubai is one of the safest places globally that provides entrepreneurs the ease of doing business. In addition, the crime index in Dubai is the lowest in the world. It is also a politically stable country in the world in the middle east region.

Political stability and security are the crucial factors that bring business and international investments to Dubai. Today, most of the world’s entrepreneurs are changing their hands in investing their money in Dubai to get better returns on their investments.

4. Getting The Right Residency Visa  

If you have a company in Dubai or the outskirts of the Emirates, then you will automatically get the visa. You will be eligible for the UAE residency for yourself, family members, and expatriate employees.

Opening your UAE account, residency visa, and current accounts in banks is not that difficult in UAE. You will face less difficulty getting a residency visa if you plan to invest your money there.

5. Better Infrastructure For Business Expansion  

For steady business expansion, better infrastructure is essential. It will help your business to grow at a rapid pace. For example, if you plan to commence your business in Dubai, you do not have to worry about getting the office space.

The retail shops, manufacturing units, and warehouses are crucial aspects of the business expansion that your business needs to develop in Dubai. Accurate execution of the plans will help your business to grow.

Final Words

Dubai might be known for its oil export business, but it is not a hidden fact that almost every industry finds comfortable places to grow in Dubai; you just need to find the right profitable business. In the last couple of decades, Dubai has established itself as one of the global central business hubs. So if you are looking for a place to expand your business, nothing can be better than Dubai.

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