Before Training Your Pet, Read This!

Humans and canines are two different species, but they are similar in many respects and have had a lot in common throughout history. The purpose of this incredibly long-lasting friendship is mainly because of the mutual benefit brought about by mutual help. On the one hand, humans use dogs for hunting, herding, and care, while on the other hand, dogs appreciate the company of humans in order to achieve some food residue, shelter, and the warmth of a raging fire.

However, humans often fail to appreciate the unconditional love and dedication of canine nature. Humans in history have often treated dogs inhumanely, for example, using cruel training methods to force dogs to yield.

These harmful training methods have been popular for many years. It is only recently that humans have begun to adopt friendlier training methods around positive reinforcement that have produced happy, well-trained dogs eager to please. One extra thing that you can do for your dog as a good pet parent, is to subscribe to Puppy Insurance. The insurance helps you in safeguarding your pets from any uncertainties. Pet Insurance Prices can be bought online too!

Just as we’ve learned to protect our pets with insurance, we’ve learned over the years that harmful methods interfere with the training and bonding process that occurs when humans and dogs work together. Most negative training methods rely mainly on causing fear or discomfort.

Although thumping/grunting/barking behaviour may fade over time with obedience training, using negative reinforcement to train leaves the root of the problem resolved. Thus, the owner may eventually train their dog to no longer bark excessively but the dog bites the next time any stranger gets too close, for example.

The dog may have learned to withhold all its warning signs and coping behaviour, including slamming/snarling/barking and has unexpectedly taken it to the next level. It often happens when the homeowner does not solve the problem in-depth and only deals with the “tip of the iceberg”.

When training your dog keep this firmly in mind and learn to train obedience through an open-minded, caring, positive approach.

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