benefits of facial massage

Lifting massage It uses muscle stimulation techniques combined with Eastern acupressure techniques and European facial massage. By focusing on the sagging muscles at various points on the face. Lifting massage stimulates the creation of new skin cells. Removes dead skin cells to reduce wrinkles. Makes the skin look bright and rosy. Helps skin look firm, look younger, healthy skin and also increases skin temperature In addition, acupressure points on the nerve endings will help relieve fatigue, relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. Will focus on all 10 muscles, which are the main muscles that will help the face look firmer. Muscle tightening massage is like exercise. Restore firmness to the muscles on the face to be strong.

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benefits of facial massage

  • Helps to stimulate blood circulation around the face. It makes the face look bright, youthful, reduces wrinkles and reduces dark circles of the face as well.
  • Helps to remove dead skin cells to come off. Makes the skin look cleaner and brighter

Facial massage practices

  • Clean your face. Remove all traces of make-up thoroughly beforehand. using a cotton pad moistened with cleanser (Makeup remover cream) to the general face in the direction that resists gravity as follows

1.1 Forehead stroking up-down

1.2 Around the lips and chin Apply the cream transversely open from the middle of the organ.

1.3 Directly around the eyes and cheeks Start from the innermost point, i.e. from the edge of the eye to the corner of the eye. From the hill of the cheek to the nose The bridge of the nose to the head of the eyebrows

1.4 Applying in this direction stops premature aging.

  • Wash your face with toner. to remove residual stains
  • Facial scrub (that is, face scrub) to remove dead cells. Starting from the cream that is prepared for scrubbing the face. (May be made from herbs or products that have been extracted from nature) to apply all over the face. Then start scrubbing your face starting from the chin point. By stroking only one hand up and then gradually stroking up to one cheek first. Then rub under the nose, the wings of the nose, the ridge of the nose, and so on until the forehead, then use a damp cotton pad to wipe it all off. Facial scrub if using fresh herbs should not take much time, about 3-5 minutes, but if using products that are extracted from nature. You can scrub for a long time, maybe up to 10 minutes, and sometimes you need to use mineral water sprays periodically for moisture. and polished better
  • Facial massage to stimulate blood circulation to the face. and is a way to relieve stress on the surface of the face. May use facial massage oil or other skin creams, starting from the cream all over the face. The first point is to place your hand on your chin in a slitting manner. Using the ring finger and middle finger to massage the face by gently massaging in a circular motion or spiral in a circular motion upward and outward several times, then circled up along the jawline, under the nose, and around the nose. Wings of the nose and circles up around the cheeks continually, then up to the bridge of the nose, the head of the eyebrows and the forehead, out the temples, circle several times and go under the new chin to the forehead. Keep massaging it. It may take about 15-20 minutes, then use Wipe off with damp cotton wool.
  • Face mask (face mask) stroking fingertips all over the face. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Pressing acupressure points on the face will stimulate blood vessels to feed the face and nerve cells all over the face. Besides stimulating pores, reducing wrinkles, making the face look bright.

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