CBD for Dogs – Dosage Instructions

The decision to include CBD in any form in your pet’s care routine is a very good one. This hemp derivative serves as a remedy for pain, anxiety, allergies, epilepsy, and many other medical problems that can plague your furry buddy. Due to its many benefits, this compound has wide application in both the human and animal worlds.

Although still the subject of numerous studies, CBD for dogs is generally safe for everyday use as a supplement or adjunct to conventional treatments. This compound has no psychological effect in terms of mind-altering and is therefore quite safe for animal use. But, like all other remedies, there is a risk of some side effects that are good to know. Fortunately, they are rare and mild and can generally be prevented by properly dosing CBD to your pet.

Dog’s Health

One of the first things to consider before CBD administration is the health condition of your pup. The dose will be adjusted depending on the severity of your pet’s illnesses. Treating more than one disease doesn’t always mean that a multiple remedy dose is required.

For example, the initial stages of arthritis require lower doses because the dog still does not feel pain and has no problems moving. CBD should prevent the spread of inflammation and swelling of the joints. In later stages, this compound should relieve the pain and help your pets not become anxious if they experience mobility issues due to the disease.

Some dogs could have less than optimal health conditions, making them more vulnerable to side effects. In that case, you shouldn’t give them CBD without seeing a vet first. These experts will match the amount of cannabidiol with prescription drugs your pup might take.

Size and Weight

Weight and size are two other things to consider. The dosage of CBD is based on body weight, but you shouldn’t look at these two factors separately from the others. It is clear that larger pups will need more CBD. But there are situations when the severity of the health condition of a dog of a smaller breed requires a higher dose than in a healthy large pup.

Knowing the body type of your pet can also help in determining the correct dosage. Although overweight dogs might need a higher dosage, that won’t be necessary if they have no health issues. In fact, they will react well to the smallest dose of cannabidiol as it’s fat-soluble.

With overweight dogs that have a health condition, you may need to consider dosing restrictions. Talk to your vet about that, especially if your pets take some other drugs. They need more CBD to remain stable, but it’s better to correct their nutrition and help them lose weight.

Follow these instructions to get your pet back in shape:


CBD is a medicinal substance that enters your dog’s body and is metabolized there. The pace at which this takes place depends on many factors, but primarily on the speed of metabolism. It is clear that this rate is faster in younger dogs, as they are active. Their bodies use CBD fast, so they might need more of this hemp derivative than old dogs. Metabolisms of senior animals are way slower, so they need less remedy to achieve health improvements.

Administration Method

The last thing to consider is the administration method. Because of the way the CBD supplements are formulated, it takes time for the medication to take effect. In oils and tinctures, the action is fast. Even the smallest dose will provide desired results in no time. The same goes for topicals, as they enter the bloodstream on the spot.

Hemp-based edibles usually take some time to act, but their action is gradual and prolonged. These products typically have pre-determined doses of the active ingredient, so controlling the intake is easy.

Keep in mind that there are several different types of CBD goods available for dogs. Before starting with this treatment, it may be a good idea to consult with your vet to determine which product is best for your pet.

It is recommended that you give hemp edibles to healthy dogs first. Their dose of the active ingredient is pre-determined and generally much less than in oils or tinctures. It will help keep your dog healthy, vital, and energized. It’s also helpful if your furry buddy needs to stay calm in a situation that can cause negative behavior or anxiety (noise, fireworks, fear of strangers or travel, etc.).

CBD Tolerance

Consider two dogs: one who has already been given CBD and another who has not. If you already have experience with this supplement and saw no adverse reactions in your pet, proceed with the treatment as usual. The adjustment would be necessary only if your pet’s health condition has changed. Let the vet decide on that.

But if you are about to try CBD in your healthy pup for the first time, approach with caution. Note the effects on each dog can be different, so always start small to minimize any risk of potential side effects. Visit this website to learn which inconveniences might appear.

Even though CBD is safe for dogs, you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage levels. As always, consult with your vet before administering any medication, whether it’s just a supplement or part of their regular therapy. Always keep mentioned factors in mind. That way, you’ll ensure that your pet receives optimal health care.

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