Cloud Security Posture Management in Microsoft Azure

Many businesses seek to use Microsoft Azure to equip their applications and data with better security protection. You can utilize tools such as the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) of Microsoft Azure.

The Cloud security of Azure enables you to establish effective access management. It gives your organization a powerful identity.

Top services such as Sonrai Dig and Microsoft Azure can help you find the right Cloud security solutions. Are you wondering if CSPM is efficient in maintaining security? Read on to know all about CSPM in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Microsoft assures that its Azure tools are highly reliable. The company claims to annually invest more than USD 1 billion in cybersecurity research and development. The Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is one of Azure’s efficient set of tools and processes.

CSPM is built to minimize the risks of compliance and data breaches in public cloud networks. Initially, CSPM tools enabled you to identify and visualize the various platforms of Microsoft Azure.

Over time, CSPM has advanced by equipping itself with the latest technologies. You can now prevent misconfigurations and enforce policies with the help of CSPM tools. Moreover, it enables you to automate the remedy strategies while tackling security issues. You can resolve the vulnerabilities as soon as they arise.

Should Your Organization Use CSPM Tools?

CSPM tools utilize automated monitoring and constant security assessments. These tools can help you to discover and resolve security risks promptly. It can be beneficial to incorporate CSPM tools into your organization’s cloud security.

Most companies tend to have the misconception that cloud providers are entirely responsible for their security. However, this belief is not entirely true. If you do not equip your cloud infrastructure with solid security measures, it becomes vulnerable. Your data will be susceptible to breaches and malicious attacks.

Your cloud provider only holds the responsibility to secure your cloud stack infrastructure. It is your responsibility to configure your cloud and secure the data and applications. If there is an error within your configuration, data breaches may occur.

But how will you be aware of possible misconfigurations?

CSPM tools come to your rescue at this stage. These tools constantly and automatically check for errors in your configurations. It allows you to prevent data leaks and breaches. You may also identify and strengthen any vulnerable areas.

Advantages of Cloud Security Posture Management

Many organizations are shifting towards Cloud practices. Unfortunately, it is leading to the growth of security threats. You can avoid such risks and take control of your Cloud security with CSPM tools.

Cloud Security Posture Management offers you several advantages. These benefits include the following:

  • Continuous and Real-time visualization of Cloud infrastructure
  • Protection from misconfigurations such as disabled logging, improper encryption, and expired keys
  • Identifies and classifies the risks within your assets
  • Lowers downtime
  • Automatic rectification of typical configuration issues
  • Consistent delivery
  • Enforces DevSecOps and DevOps policies
  • Complies with efficient security frameworks

Importance of Automation to Strengthen CSPM

It is crucial to enable automation of your Cloud Security Posture Management tools. Automated CSPM tools ensure to monitor your security configurations constantly. In this way, it can identify and resolve any internal compliance violations or security policies.

Not only do these tools automatically detect security threats, but also effectively tackle them.  CSPM assesses if any bug negatively impacts your cloud infrastructure and data. It then automatically resolves most of the issues. Additionally, it notifies you if any action is necessary from your end.

With the help of automation, you do not have to worry about security threats constantly. It saves you significant time and costs as well.

Cloud Security Posture Management involves efficient tools that enhance your Cloud security. Reliable services such as Sonrai Dig and Microsoft Azure can help you find the right CSPM solutions. You can now keep your data and Cloud configurations secure.

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