Complete guide of matebook d14

The matebook d14 from huawei is a new compact on-the-go notebook that does look and feel very familiar which is a good thing change is inevitable change is all around us we live in an ever-changing, ever-evolving world what matters most is how we handle a change embrace the change with amazing deals on top of brands from computer mania.

The matebook d14 does have a ryzen 5 3500 u8 gigs of ddr4 memory and a 500 gig nvme ssd it also has onboard graphics with the Vega 8 from AMD you do also have the option of getting it with a ryzen or 3700u with Vega tenor graphics which is going to be a bit more powerful.


The specs of matebook d14 aren’t anything too crazy but it will be great for using it for some business and also for some school work as it is a nice small and a light if you would like to go for something a bit bigger you do also have the huawei d518 which is a 15.6-inch model and then also there is the top-end unit which is available with a 10th generation is 7 on the huawei XR pro unit.


Now considering the pricing of this laptop you do get a lot of premium features for your bucks with the price starting at around 500 pounds for the 256 gigs a model on amazon UK it’s unfortunately of course not available in the US store but in South Africa, it is also starting at around 13000 rands.


Taking a look around the body on the left side you do get a USB a 3.1 type port an HDMI and a USB 3.1 engine one type c which also doubles for your charging ports on the right side you get a USB 2.0 port and then also your 3.5-millimeter combo jack now I have to say seeing a USB 2.0 port on a laptop in 2020 is a bit disappointing but disappointment is what 2020 is all about as we all know but at least you can always use it for your wireless peripherals if you wanted to hook that up now like I mentioned before the type SC port that you get is also the charging port for the matebook d14 which was quite surprising as you usually only get that on some of the more expensive models so kudos are far away for that to go along with that the included charger is also a 65 watts which means it’s a fast-charging at two which is another premium feature what was included that almost kind of makes up for the USB 2.0 port almost.


It is an ips panel with a max resolution of 1080p and also a brightness of 250 and nits it also covers 84 of the body which is quite a nice now for normal use on some photo or a video editing the screen should be just a fine just don’t expect it to do very high-quality color grading work as the color accuracy is a bit lacking here it does only cover 69.9 percent of the RGB color gamut and also only 44.3 of the Adobe RGB color gamut’s it does also lack some brightness and you will struggle to properly see it when sitting in a room with a lot of light not to mention outside now I think that it is an ips panel viewing angles aren’t too bad you’re still able to see most of the details.

I hope this short paper piece will help you in gaining enough information about the specifications of matebook 14.

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