Delivering Bulky and Unusual Items to Customers

So, you’ve decided to sell your products online, and you’ve started to build a following. Once those orders come in, you’ve got to work out how to get them to customers. If you’re selling something that fits into a small box, this will no doubt be easy, but if you’re selling items that are bulky or an unusual shape, how do you get them into the hands of customers? Here are some things to consider.

Offer a great final mile service

While logistics are important, the main bit that customers see is the final mile. This is when products are delivered to their home, and it’s important that the whole thing goes smoothly. Using specialists such as the TecDis Network is the best way to offer the best level of service. This ensures things turn up on time, are delivered without damage, and your customers are left happy.

What happens when you have to do the same across countries and continents? Then, you need to look at beyond a delivery van and explore shipping options. There are thousands of businesses around the world that ship products and services to different international markets. This is why you need to start working with a shipping company that can help you manage such products and deliver them effectively in the quickest possible time. To know more about how established freight and logistics companies can help you out, please view website.

Installation services are useful too

When you deliver items that need to be unpacked and installed, it’s better to have your own team do that job, rather than leaving it to customers who might damage these items. One of the advantages of buying home appliances, for example, is that customers can get their appliances installed and make sure they’re working, so there’s no need for them to send things back. Many companies who started to offer these white glove services noticed that they got better reviews and dealt with fewer customer complaints.

Some services you might want to offer include:

  • Unpacking and placing in a room
  • Installation of electric or gas hook-ups
  • Removal and recycling of packaging
  • Technical support over the phone or in-person

This ensures your customers are left happy and you can avoid some of the most common delivery products.

Don’t overload on packaging

A common mistake made when sending big items is to put them in too much packaging. But this can increase the cost of sending things as it makes them bulky. It’s better to stop and think. Does this item really need to be packed or can it be sent in a van? How can we reduce the size of what we send? Many businesses now send items without packaging, as most products are already boxed up anyway.

Know legal regulations

No matter what items you’re selling, you need to know the local regulations over sales, deliveries, and more. Most countries have online and distance selling regulations, which you should make sure you’re following to the letter. That way, you can avoid falling foul of the law or ending up in long running disputes with customers.

It’s not easy to arrange deliveries to customers, and anything bulky or outsized is going to cause an even bigger challenge. That’s why its important to work with experts in delivery, who can provide a world-class final mile service for you. There are also ways you can keep your customers happy such as offering installation, which can cut down on returns and make your life so much easier, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

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