When it comes to wigs, there is a large variety of different types of wigs is available in the market. Wigs are being manufactured of natural hairs and man-made hairs. Due to the availability of a large variety, several questions come up to mind. It can be very hard to choose from more choices. If you are going t buy a wig, you must go through this article. You few minutes of reading will help you make the right choice.

There can be hundreds of questions that are asked frequently by wig users but all cannot be packed up in a single article. We have discussed below some of the basic questions that you should have a look at.

What is the difference between cap-wigs and capless wigs:

The standard cap wigs use a base of silicon cap in which hairs are sewed.  While the cap-less wigs use hair extension or pins to stay on the head. Wearing cap wigs is easier than cap-less wigs. You will find different types of wigs such as closure wig, 360 wigs and much more. For daily users, cap wigs are better as it can be very easy to maintain them. If you are an occasional user should go for a cap-less wig.

Is human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs?

Obviously yes, human hair wigs use real human and animal hairs. No doubt that sometimes it can be very hard to differentiate between a quality synthetic wig and natural hair wig. But that artificial wigs don’t keep the shine after only a few uses. Human hair wigs are expensive than synthetic wigs but deserve their value. It also gives confidence in wearing real hairs. If you have got some time budget you must go with human hair wigs. You will different a variety of human hair like Peruvian human hair, curly or straight human hair wig etc.

How to care for your wig?

Caring for a wig can increase its life span up to a year or two. By maintaining the wig correctly, its shape hairs and style remains the same. The shine does not go off and the hairs do not break. Following are a few dos and don’ts about wigs.

Dos for wigs:

Detangle your wig hairs before shampooing your wig.

Tilt your head back while washing your wig on your head.

Always use pack provided brush to never break the hairs of curly wigs or styled wigs.

Don’ts for wigs:

Never use shampoo too much as it can peel the shine off.

Never wax while wearing the wig, it will destroy the wig.

Never twist or roll wig hairs when washing.

Never use too hot or too cold water for washing.

Chlorine in swimming pools can also damage the wig hairs.

If you are using a synthetic wig, never try to manipulate its style.

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