Engagement Rings: 5 Easy Tips to Finding the One

If you are shopping for an engagement ring for your partner, first of all, congratulations!

In the past, shopping for engagement rings was a simple process. However, a lot has changed these days.

Now, you have to consider a series of things, including the cut, size, and price. So, it is easy to get overwhelmed and pick something that may not be the best for you.

To help you precisely with that, this guide will walk you through some important tips to find the ring for your significant other.

1. Choose Classics Over Trends

An engagement ring is a universal symbol of love that lasts forever. Hence, it is important to focus on a classic and timeless design that can match your future fiancé at any point in life. Besides, getting caught up in a trend is not the best way to find something meaningful.

2. What Does Your Partner Like?

It is crucial to buy something that suits your partner’s taste. You may feel a particular ring is perfect for them, but how will your partner feel about it?

Take cues from your partner’s current style and choose the ring that they would want to wear for the rest of their life.

Do they like platinum or gold? Modern or vintage? Statement piece or minimal jewellery? Always make sure to match their style.

3. The Four Cs

Any diamond expert will tell you to focus on the four Cs (colour, cut, carat, and clarity) before investing in a piece of diamond jewellery. Well, you should make sure all four factors are right to ensure the quality of the ring.

You can check out the industry-standard Gemological Institute of America grading. According to this criterion, the diamonds are graded from D to Z by the GIA. You can use the grades to analyse the quality of the diamond. However, it should not be the sole deciding aspect.

4. Set a Strict Budget

There are many rules to set your budget for an engagement ring. Generally, it is advisable to spend two to three months of your salary on the ring. However, you do not always have to follow these old-fashioned rules.

You can cast the rules aside and determine the budget based on your financial situation. Further, engagement rings are pretty expensive, so it is crucial to reduce your financial stress before beginning a new life with your loved one. Therefore, establish a strict budget and stick to it.

5. Purchase from A Jeweller

There are numerous places to buy an engagement ring, such as an auction or an antique ring shop. If you want the ring to meet the industry’s quality standards, it is essential to buy it from a place where you can gauge its value. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase it from a jeweller.

Further, make sure to run the following checklist before buying a ring:

  • Excellent store reputation
  • Gemmological knowledge of the staff
  • Does the shop have a repair service?
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Gemmological certificate for the ring

Wrap Up

No matter what you choose, be sure to stay true to your loved one’s style and personality. Furthermore, be true to your financial conditions rather than following any arbitrary rules.

Shopping for engagement rings can be quite overwhelming so, do not hesitate to take a little help from your friends. When it comes to negotiating, do some research and do not hold yourself back.

Before buying the ring, sift through it and know about the piece in depth. After all, it is a symbol of your eternal love and commitment.

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