Extending a Paper in a Creative Way

Go back and read your piece from beginning to end.

It is common for ideas to shift throughout the process of drafting a paper. If you started with an introduction, go back and reread the first few sentences. The reader may not have been able to understand your argument if you omitted important details. As a last thought, be sure to give a solution for the reader to consider in your conclusion. If you’re not pleased with your work, return to the document and make changes. Grade miners are the best to write your essay

Proofread Your Paper with the Help of a Friend or Relative.

Even if you’re pressed for time, a sibling, friend, or parent can go over your work and make any necessary corrections. Finally, rewrite the sections that were unclear, adding additional information to assist readers. Checking your work with a fresh pair of eyes might be an excellent way to ensure that you haven’t missed any important details.

Quotations Should Be Used

Your work may have been referenced by another author at some point. Including quotes is a fantastic way to boost the word count of a paper, but don’t do it just for the sake of it. Avoid cutting corners by doing a second run through your source materials to make sure you haven’t missed any significant quotes. You may also wish to do more research to determine if your assertion can be backed up by any other sources. Although lengthier quotes are not always better, you may desire to extend some of the current quotes if you have the time and resources. For more detail you can read grademiners review here.

Check Your Outline for any errors.

No, I didn’t utilise an outline when I first started writing on the essay. Make sure you’ve covered all of your targeted points by going back over your initial plan and revising it. There is a possibility that you have omitted anything important to your argument, which would both lengthen and improve the quality of your essay.

Increase the frequency with which you use transitional phrases

When looking for linking words, instructors often look for the classics like “therefore,” “even though,” and “on the other hand. Maintain good grammar and make sure that your essay is logically linked together. Make sure they do by using terms like the ones above to transition between sentences. This means that when you get closer to the amount of pages necessary, your writing will get easier to understand.

You should read your work aloud to yourself.

You may catch any grammatical or syntactical faults that could have slipped through the cracks by reading your work aloud. Rephrasing your sentences may result in an increase in the length of your work as a solution to this problem. You may notice that a paragraph lacks sufficient information when reading aloud. As a result, return to the page and add more material to make it longer.

Stop Working on Your Essay for a While.

You’ve probably given up and given up again after staring at your computer screen for hours on end. Take a moment to calm down. Go for a jog, get some food, or phone a friend. You may come back to the essay with new ideas and a different perspective if you take a break from it.

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