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The conversation would lose half of its charm if Emojis are removed. In the present situation, we cannot even think of communication, messaging, texting, or chatting without emojis around. Emojis are vibrant, pictographic renditions of various human emotions.

Previously known as emoticons, emojis are more advanced forms of those traditional emoticons. In fact, emojis are beyond emoticons now. How? Emoticons majorly dealt with human emotions. Emojis, on the other hand, are not limited to such predefined norms. It goes beyond.

Emojis have everything. You name it. From representing flags of every nation to representing the diversity of the animal world. Emojis include colourful symbols of almost all everyday objects. The statement that emojis nowadays are omnipresent can’t be truer.

Due to their widespread acceptance and popularity, emojis are also powerful symbols of communities and identity. With the advent of more egalitarian virtues of the social community, emojis have been redefined to represent the communities that were hitherto not given proper space. The representation of black personalities, black skin tone, LGBTQ communities has reiterated the importance of emojis in our everyday lived reality.

Emojis are not limited to digital space anymore. Born in the digital space, emojis have flown higher and made a presence in popular imaginations.

A New Form of Language:

Every emoji has a story of its own. Emojis have ushered in a new form of language, more profound and poignant perhaps than words. The beauty of emojis lies in the fact that they can speak and explain more than their mere material appearance. Every emoji can also have a completely new set of meanings as per the context. Emojis are truly diverse representations. Emojis can be very personal and can add more meaning to a conversation. It weaves stories with its beautiful colors and vibrant presence.

Emojis bring a surge of joy. Recent surveys confirm that many users are adept enough to weave a statement without using a single word. Emojis can be read as a language beautifully portraying the nuances of existence.

Emojis describe intricate emotions that might take plenty of words to describe. The symbols are aesthetically pleasing and never fail to add a value dimension.

These visual symbols are evolving every day paving the way towards the inception of stickers, GIFs, etc.

Emojis are not a replacement for verbal or written language. Like many forms of language, emojis complement the other present in the spectrum. Emojis help people to express themselves better. It soothes our imagination and provides scope for creativity.

Emojis are an integral piece of any smartphone or device. Many smartphones have an in-built emoji board integrated with the device’s keyboard. However, many are looking out for a dedicated emoji board for the growing love for these cute symbols.

Read on to know more about some of the best third-party emoji keyboards for your smartphone.

The application which tops the list is the Hindi Keyboard. Besides having terrific and advanced typing features, the keyboard also provides an inclusive fastest, and seamless typing experience. It has everything which includes a customized emoji keyboard for your smartphone. A made-in-India platform, this Hindi Keyboard app has a dedicated window for all your emoji needs. As you open the keyboard, a thin line appears on the top of the console giving a glimpse of your preferred and most used emojis. However, the little line converts into a long table with more than thousands of emojis to choose from, the largest than any other platform. The emoji keyboard, besides storing plenty of emoji collections, also offers unlimited stickers, GIFs, and Bobblehead. One can customize their own store and bobblehead as per the requirement. There are no limitations and users can be as creative as they want. Say ahead of any trends and create stickers with a tinge of personalization and the ongoing trends. This customizable emoji keyboard app can be as cool as you can imagine with plenty of colorful symbols that users can choose from and make their own.

Another significant feature that this Hindi Keyboard entails, is that it has inherent smart prediction technology aiding users to express in a more refined manner. The smart prediction predicts your emotions and through pattern recognition, the keyboard can predict and suggest emojis and phrases with speed and accuracy. Hindi keyboard can truly add a revised dimension to the way you have been typing hitherto.

Moreover, it supports three modes of dialect inputs namely: native keyboard typing mode where you can type using native letters, the transliteration mode for those who feel ease while typing in English yet want to try out Hindi typing, and Hienglish typing mode which suggests both Hindi and English phrases.

With intelligent AI working diligently in the background, the Hindi keyboard adapts to your writing style and derives the best accuracy and auto-correction.

A truly holistic keyboard typing experience, Download Hindi Keyboard today!

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