Get Personalised Video Shoutouts from Your Favorite Celebrities

Customers feel more obligated to purchase from someone they trust, relate to, or idolize from the buyer’s standpoint. That’s why celebrity endorsements work so well. When a buyer is hesitant to click “Buy,” celebrities can often persuade them to do so.

Furthermore, celebrity shoutout videos can be highly lucrative. According to a recent study, shoutouts can boost a company’s sales by 4% on average compared to its competitors.

How Can Celebrity Shoutouts Help Brands?

Celebrity shoutouts provide you the option of selecting from various artists, such as influencers, actors, musicians, comedians, and others, to offer customized messages with a celebrity twist, making it worthwhile for your business.

You can now pay celebrities and influencers to record authentic messages for your company. These videos allow small companies to hire their favorite celebrities to advocate their products without the legal stumbling blocks and exorbitant costs associated with traditional celebrity endorsements.

Because of the prevalence of social media marketing, celebrity shoutouts have more influence than ever before, which is fantastic for small businesses. Social media is usually less expensive than more traditional outlets like television and radio. It’s also more effective than traditional marketing strategies in many cases.

Social media shoutouts can help you build a direct connection with your customers. It is a tremendous chance for small businesses to expand their brand awareness and reach a broader audience.

How To Get Celebrity Shoutouts?

It will be best if you consider the wide range of celebrity influencers accessible, ranging from A-List actresses to reality stars to lesser-known YouTube personalities with significant followings, depending on the budget and who your primary customer is. However, what is the most crucial thing to remember? It is that the celebrity is a good fit for your company or brand’s image.

You might also choose reality stars. The lifestyle of reality stars appears more reachable than a blockbuster A-list celebrity with the perfect life and style. Reality stars generally have a higher affinity and ability to relate to a brand’s primary target. Now that you know the importance of celebrity shoutouts, let’s take a glance at how to get these shoutouts.

  • Step 1: Visit the sites that offer celebrity shoutouts.
  • Step 2: Decide on an artist you love. You can find artists, actresses, musicians, comedians, influencers, sports figures, models, and more on this list.
  • Step 3: Arrange for a celebrity shoutout. When you find the celebrity you like, click on their photo to learn more about their cost, response time, and profile.
  • Step 4: Receive and share your shoutout video on your profile. After choosing your celebrity, fill out the form with the necessary information to have a celebrity create an amazing shoutout video for your company or brand.

When you pay for a shoutout from an artist, you will receive a personalized message from the artist according to your instructions. It will reach you within the time given on the website or within a maximum of 7-10 working days. You will receive the video message via email.


Celebrity shoutout videos can be a terrific complement to your marketing efforts, regardless of the size of your organization. Before striking a transaction, though, it’s critical to have a clear vision of your aims and target audience. Ultimately, no matter what relationships you explore, it’s vital that you stay true to your brand. You’ll be sure to attract individuals who are just as enthusiastic about your brand as you are if you keep these basics in mind.

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