Get to Know More about Marine boards

Marine boards are considered efficient when it comes to outdoor use, especially on storage, docks, boats. They are commonly used in wet and humid weather conditions. In this article, we look at the basic features, uses and advantages of marine boards that influence its prices in Kenya.

What is a Marine Board?

Marine board is a pliable and hard material that is resistant to scratches and moisture absorption. It is a prevalent name for High Density polyethylene plastics generally made for aquatic use. The demand for marine boards in Kenya is rising due to rapidly changing climate and weather conditions.

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Benefits and Features of Marine boards

Below features make it ideal for boats, docks and other outdoor and indoor uses.

Strength and Durability: This is the most important characteristics of marine boards. They have many layers joined together using a water-proof glue that enhances the strength. They do not hold water and this minimizes vulnerability and gives the assurance that it will not break on you. Its tough and at the same time flexible and buoyant. Its core is made of tropical hardwoods that are void of defects. Its resistance allow for its colour not to fade for a long time in the sun. It is built to last, and requires less repairs and replacements. Therefore, structures made using marine boards will last longer and look appealing for a longer period.

Safety: Marine board is one of the safest materials in building particularly boats and docks. It is made out of hardwood veneers which are joint with boil proof glue for the best results. This ensures it meets high quality standards. This minimizes safety hazards and offers protection from rubble and other unsafe materials.

Quality: Plywood is graded in quality from A to D. Marine boards are usually graded A and B in quality. This means that you will get good aesthetic value, and it will be in good conditions for a long time.

In terms of its cost, marine boards prices in Kenya are hugely influenced by its strength, durability and safety of use as described above. The beneficial features and benefits it possesses make it more expensive than the normal plywood.

Advantages of Marine Boards

Below are some pros of Marine boards

  • It is Waterproof: Generally, ply woods tend to absorb moisture, making the glue in between the veneers to break. Marine boards will sustain moisture in wet and humid conditions for a long time.
  • Termite plagues resistance: The glue used in joining marine boards has formalin adhesives and anti-termite incremental. This ensures it will survive termite infestation and different types of climate and weather changes for a long time.
  • Marine boards are the easily available in the market and come in various thickness, making them easy to handle and design. They adapt well to wet and dry areas as well.
  • Marine boards have a good density. This makes nail holding and screw holding perfect.
  • It is highly durable and strong, making the shelf life long and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • They are versatile in applications. They can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Disadvantages of Marine boards

  • It is stiff
  • Sometimes it is not readily available and hard to differentiate
  • It is highly priced compared to conventional plywood
  • It is not one hundred percent water resistant
  • It may carry harmful chemicals


Marine boards are relatively costly. Therefore, if you are looking to buy marine them, ensure you get high quality boards from a trusted source. Make sure the supplier has stocks of products that have been positively tested.

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