How a Spam Check Influences Your Deliverability

Nowadays we perceive the word “spam” only with a negative meaning. It is quite unpleasant not only for specialists who work in the email marketing industry but also for ordinary people who sometimes cannot reach their receivers by email. Spam is usually characterized as repetitive inappropriate or unwanted messages or advertisements which annoy their recipients and can be even dangerous. That’s why before email marketing campaigns it is important to check your messages for spam content. 

So if you want to avoid spam filters, be engaged with your target audience, provide successful message delivery, let’s dive together into the world of email spam tests!

Email Spam Check as Testing Your Email Deliverability

An email checker is an automated tool that is used to define the quality of your messages and check whether your emails go directly into the receivers` spam folders. This instrument also provides you with a thorough analysis of email content to define the mistakes and remove dangerous phrases. To prevent your email from getting into the spam folder, the email spam checker identifies the containment of spam in your email delivery and suggests ways of solving the problems which your email face. We are firmly sure that for the successful running of email marketing deliverability, you have to check the messages before sending them. There is an important rule: the higher you have email deliverability, the higher your reputation as a sender will be. If you represent yourself as a credible, safe, and careful sender, you will be able to interact much more with your potential audience (subscribers or clients) and get from them those results that you want to achieve. 

Explore your email deliverability rate with email checker

In case if the vast majority of your emails get spammed, it denotes that your email deliverability will rapidly drop down. As it was mentioned before, it is essential to have a good email deliverability rate to provide your messages be successfully sent to receivers. Many factors can seriously lower your delivery rate as a sender which include the following:

  • Using URL shortenings;
  • Lack of function to unsubscribe; 
  • Sending emails to non-existent, incorrect addresses or uninvolved recipients;
  • Using spammy, unclear, or difficult content (spam flagging subject lines);
  • Sending from a free domain email address and without custom authentication;
  • The high amount of soft and hard bounces etc.

To choose the most effective and prosperous name as a sender and subject line, use the open test metrics. Then examine each point one by one to get precise results of email deliverability rates. To facilitate your efforts of implementing it, we suggest you use Folderly`s spam test, which is an innovative and preeminent product in the email marketing field.

Benefits of Folderly’s email spam checker

Folderly is a product of B2B leading generation – Belkins, which nowadays has the most developed potential of email spam test functions. This instrument will provide you with a detailed analysis of being spammed or blacklisted and demonstrate reasons why the messages are failed during their trip to the receivers. Use this spam test you will be able to control the progress of your mailboxes. It means that you can define which mailboxes need to be fixed and which one is already on the way to its stage of being recovered. Also, one of the additional options is the opportunity of freezing your mailbox and editing mailbox lists. Folderly not only takes into account various aspects of clients’ needs but also offers you complex solutions to issues of email delivery. Easy in use is explained by its practical and comfortable interface with a variety of functions which let you set a range of tasks quickly and professionally. 

Folderly`s spam test provides you not only results after checking, but also gives you specific recommendations and pieces of advice on how to improve your email deliverability and strengthen the health of your domain.  

Get your Recommendations from Folderly

Referring to our previous points, good deliverability is a pledge of a successful email marketing campaign. Good deliverability provides you not only a high level of engagement with your audience but also increases your domain`s name and even protects yourself and your receivers from spammers. 

So what should we do to boost it for the long term? Let’s have a look at the TOP 5 Folderly`s steps which are the most needed for improving email deliverability:

  • Providing domain authentication. It strengthens your IP reputation as a sender.
  • Checking sending lists. It includes examining blacklist activity, controlling complaint and bounces rates, monitoring the work of mail authentication.
  • Taking a credible service provider. Such a platform as Gmail has a high level of protection of your data from spam emails, phishing, and fraud attempts. 
  • Quality of content. To have good level deliverability requires qualitative, clear, and transparent text and subject lines without such phrases as free, risk-free, ACT NOW, etc.
  • Credible and careful behavior as a sender. To improve your email sender score and protect your potential receivers from spammers, you should follow a precise timetable for sending messages, control the content of emails. Try to make your recipients respond to you and fall in love not only with your email but also with your product or service. 

Finally, the most crucial feature of Folderly`s spam test is that you can get individual customized recommendations, it is much more than typical results. These recommendations include useful tips to understand the ways of solutions to email issues, techniques for boosting the domain`s health, and detailed advice on how to improve your email marketing campaign.  

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