How can I Form a Company in Sharjah?

Sharjah is the very safest and most advanced Emirate. Sharjah government understands the importance of trade, and manufacturing fields in supporting the economy of the country. So, if you looking for the company formation in Sharjah and are unable to do it by yourself then no need to worry you the best way to deal with this is to consult with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will provide you guidance and assistance in a proper manner and also complete the process in a short possible time. Here we going to discussing the little vital things about the Sharjah company formation.

Sharjah is taking up as an economical option to Dubai for establishing a business because of its vicinity of an international Airport and joined ports on the Eastern and Western shores of the Arabian Gulf with direct to the Indian Ocean and North Africa. Its geological location provides unmatched possibilities for investors and hence sees over 5.2 million consumers, and million travelers and investors crowd every year.

Sharjah is the safest city with a low crime rate and an extremely economical energy supply. Sharjah’s judicial system is good, and the economy is abundant with a competitive framework of charges and property rent charges. In addition, there is an appearance of a highly eligible and proficient workforce that is very economical and mostly bilingual. Furthermore, there is a provision of visas and sponsorship for the overall employees with a 24/7 hotline that makes sure seamless provision of equipment and labor.

The government of Sharjah has flexible schemes that have been instrumental in earning the confidence of global investors, and are primarily dedicated to the emirate’s fast and sustained economic majority. Furthermore, the development of business in Sharjah remains perfect as it always has sustained global economic rapports and friendly trade relations with many countries around the world.

There is no denying the fact that the Middle East has shed its tag of being just an energy producing region in the world to becoming a commercial capital or sorts. In addition to Sharjah, business hub in Abu Dhabi is growing at an alarming pace. The presence of skilled workforce (expats from all over the world), availability of investments, and a relaxed tax structure has made UAE one of the best destinations to start and grow profitable business organizations.

The Process of Sharjah Company Formation 

Sharjah is developing with economic extension is the most rewarding industrial location that bringing in overseas investment. Establishing a business in Sharjah is a way to build long-term connections and client rapports, and receive constant business orders in the United Arab Emirates. Here are the steps to establish a company in Sharjah.

  • To start a company in Sharjah you will have to sign a rental contract and require to draft a Memorandum of Association of the company.
  • You will require to submit all the necessary documents to obtain a payment voucher.
  • You need to fulfill all the requirements and make the payment of the fees of a business license to receive a business license issued by the governmental department.
  • Next, you will have to obtain approval from the Name Board
  • You need to apply for an establishment card which is necessary to get.
  • You will require to get approval for workers from the Ministry of Labor.
  • During the visa process and to avail of the services you will have to take a stamp on your visa from the Department of Immigration.
  • You need to decide the activity of your business to start the process of your company formation as per the specified activity guidelines, the best business setup consultants in Dubai will help you in this process in a sufficient manner.
  • You will need to present the application of company registration with a decided name of the company to the Department of Economic Development of Dubai, and notarize the Memorandum of Association.
  • You need to present all the necessary documents with the Dubai Department of Economic Development to receive a business license from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • You have to register the name of your company.
  • Get the approval for the spot and verification from the Municipality.

Documents Required for Sharjah Company Formation

The necessary documents required for establishing a company in Sharjah are mentioned below:

  • A trade name reservation verification
  • Initial approval verification of the activities
  • Photocopies of valid passports of the stakeholders
  • Photocopies of passports of the managers of the company
  • Lease contract documents with proper details
  • Power of Attorney
  • A form of trade license
  • Approval from the Ministry of Economy and other government officials
  • Copy of the valid tenancy agreement
  • No Objection Certificate of the stakeholders
  • Ownership certificate’s land map
  • National ID technical evaluation report
  • Signboard

Advantages of Sharjah Company Formation

There are many advantages that will delight you when forming a company in Sharjah. That includes –

  • World Class Infrastructure 

Sharjah is making it the 3rd biggest by population after Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is a prime destination which is present near Dubai. This is quite simple to incorporate a business because the government gives a lot of support to the companies. Business people can incorporate a company in either the Sharjah free zone and non-free zones. More advantages and incentives can be given by the government if they incorporate a company in Sharjah-free zones.

  • Availability of Resources

The facilities of manufacturing in Sharjah are very affordable because it has a huge number of resources like electricity and water. Therefore, manufacturing companies can use these resources to produce the output that is required. The government bears over 60% of the cost regard to resources which is utilized for daily activities of production.

  • Free Trade Zones 

Various free zones exist in Sharjah including the Sharjah International Airport free zone and Hamriyah free zone. Establishing a business in a free zone will permit 100% overseas ownership. Apart from that, there are also various types of advantages and incentives provided by the government.

  • Large Cargo Hub 

Become the hub of the four emirates, Sharjah is the biggest cargo center on the globe. It is because of the existence of the Sharjah international free zones.

If you wondering to establish a company in Sharjah then simply you need to do one thing is to contact Start Any Business UAE consultants to avail the best setup services. We support the business people and businesses to establish a business in Sharjah by taking care of all the support and guidelines from beginning to finish. Our professionals have extensive experience and expertise in the formation of a company in Sharjah, and we apply it to assure that your business receives a robust foothold in this booming economy.

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