How Much Should You Pay for Geolocation Services? 


Trying to know and understand prices for geolocation services can often be a tedious job for various businesses. Some providers provide the services for free, some charge a customized amount for the same, and others offer both a free plan and paid alternatives, as in the case of Abstract’s geolocation API . On the other hand, some are very focused on discussing the price only if they see you as a serious potential customer.

Choosing the right service providers based on the price they charge can sometimes be a nerve-racking and challenging task. With so many things associated with the price point itself, making a decision considering everything might scare off many from making the right decision.

However, we are here to help you consider simple yet effective benchmarks that can influence and concrete your decision about how much you should pay for geolocation services.

What are the various price ranges?

  • Pricing models

Every service provider has a different price model based on the service they provide. For example, some providers have a fixed rate for every geolocation service their company has to offer. Some providers have customized rates for the various services they provide, like the IP lookup location API service can be cheaper than the other services. You can check out DB-IP for the same.

Several service providers in the market will tell you about their prices and offer if you are genuinely interested and ready to decide then and there.

  • Free plans

Many service providers also provide few services free of cost to their client base to gain goodwill points. Of course, the quality of the service may vary, but free plans are worth a look.

Other factors to consider-

  • Flexibility

This is one of the most important factors to consider, especially for growing companies who wish to expand shortly. You have to choose a geolocation service provider that is flexible enough to cater to your needs now and in the future. If you select a free IP lookup location API, it might not be the best decision for the future usage of the company.

  • Support

Although this might not directly affect the executives in your organization, this seriously impacts the developers’ decisions. The kind of customer support and guidance the provider renders offer is another essential thing to look at.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and the return of investment for your business. Many service providers do not mention where they get their data from. Some may download it from external sources. However, they may not regularly download the updated ones, while most of the free IP lookup location API does that.

  • Latency

A lot of businesses across various industries in the market look for the regular consistency of data. For example, eCommerce businesses need to access IP addresses faster to avoid running into scammers or hackers. Even the gaming industries require IP addresses to provide a seamless real-life experience. 

In Conclusion

After knowing your options, it is vital to focus on what exactly your company needs. A geolocation service provider can only cover a few of the above factors at an optimum price. So, to take advantage of the same, you need to know the foremost requirements of your company and where you can compromise. 

To have an efficient IP service provider, you have to pay more, whereas if you choose a free one, you have to back out to some extent from the service’s efficiency part. The decision may be influenced by the factors mentioned above. However, your company needs are different from those of others. 

Avail of the best services by getting in touch with a reputed service provider today!

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