How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner will make your housework much easier. Different carpets will require different types of carpet cleaners. It is essential to check the different types of vacuum cleaners available out there before you get the best.

Take into account the features available on the cleaners. For instance, you may like to check out the quality of the carpet cleaners’ filters. For homes with family members suffering from asthma, you need to get a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction to remove all the air contaminants. It is also necessary to check out the general design of the vacuum cleaner. It should be powerful enough to remove stubborn stains.

Tips for choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your carpets

Versatile vacuum for different floors

You need to get a versatile vacuum cleaner that can assure you the best results when cleaning the carpets. Some carpet cleaners are designed to guarantee you the best experience when cleaning stubborn stains. You can get such carpets, and they will contribute towards making you realize the best results as you tend different types of floors.

HEPA filter and powerful suction

The best vacuum cleaners to buy should have powerful filters. For instance, you may have family members who suffer from allergies. It is good to get a powerful vacuum cleaner that will remove all the allergens. Your family members will be happy if you can shop around and get a vacuum cleaner that can assure you the best results as you clean the carpets.

Upright vacuum if you suffer from back pain

If you suffer from health complications such as back pain, you need to get a powerful vacuum cleaner that allows you to stand and still clean the floor. There are some vacuum cleaners that feature upright handles that will enable you to clean when standing. You can get such a vacuum cleaner, and it will make you realize the best results as you clean the different floors.

Dirt cup capacity

The dirt cup capacity also matters. You would like to limit the emptying periods as you work on the vacuum cleaner. If you would like to get the best results as you work on different parts of your home, you need to get a vacuum cleaner that can clean a large area before you can empty it. It makes your cleaning work easy.

Battery life for cordless vacuums

If you decide to buy a cordless vacuum, you need to go for long battery life. You will like to clean the whole house before you can settle down to charge the vacuum cleaner. Different manufacturers will have different ratings of their battery capacity. Check out the rating before you can buy a given vacuum cleaner. You will speed up work if you can go for one that has a large battery capacity.

Complete vacuum cleaning package

The vacuum cleaner should come with other accessories that you will need to clean different surfaces. For example, if you would like to clean tight corners, then a vacuum cleaner with accessories that you can connect to reach the corners will be the best. Also, take into account the availability of crevice tool. It makes it easy to remove dirt from hidden crevices in your home. Your cleaning work will stand out after deciding to go for a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool.

Types of vacuums

There are different types of vacuum cleaners in the market. They tend to serve other purposes. It is essential to check out the various kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market before you choose the best. Here are some of the types of vacuum cleaners you can get in the market:

Upright vacuums for larger homes

The vacuum cleaners have long handled to allow you clean when in an upright position. If you have back pain issues, they are the perfect vacuum cleaners you can get in the market. They have an enormous capacity to speed up the cleaning process in your home.

Barrel vacuums for portability

The vacuum cleaners have barrels where you can carry the dirt when cleaning around. They are portable to allow you different clean surfaces. For example, they can be applied to clean the interior of the car, among other surfaces. When looking forward to achieving great versatility in the cleaning process, buying vacuum cleaners will be a great way to go about it.

Handheld and handstick vacuums for easy cleaning

The handheld vacuums are easy to carry around. You can comfortably move them to different locations where you would like to enjoy cleaning. People looking forward to realizing the best results when cleaning small spaces prefer vacuum cleaners.

Pet hair cleaners with powerful suction

The vacuums are designed to work for homes with pets. Some pets have long hairs that can clog other types of carpets. The application of pet vacuums can be a great way to go about it. They come with strong suctions to trap the pet hairs.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

The robotic vacuums work automatically. You will not follow them long before they can work. The user’s input commands through programs that allow them to move on specified paths. They can clean carpets when homeowners are busy doing other things.

Vacuum cleaner features

The vacuum cleaners come with several features. The features make them suitable for different purposes. Here are some of the features available in the vacuum cleaners:

Corded vs cordless

The corded vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and will need cables to work; cordless vacuums require battery power to operate. They are portable and can be used in any location.

Bagged vs bagless

The bagged vacuum cleaners will have inbuilt dust cups to hold the dirt before you can empty it. They are hygienic to handle. On the other hand, bagless vacuums require attaching a bag to collect the dirt. It can be hectic to handle the dirt.


There are different types of filters. You can go for HEPA filters that are very powerful. They can collect small hair particles easily.

Other vacuum cleaners come with different attachment tools and heads. You should check the attachments before buying.

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