How to Choose the Right HR Software for an HR Startup

Today’s human resource management systems have significantly evolved, allowing companies to exponentially expand and improve their bottom line. By redesigning and automating HR functions and implementing the right applications, a company can streamline interdepartmental functions efficiently. HR Software in India has drastically improved over the last few years, enabling a high ROI and innovating how the Human Resource Department works.

What is Human Resource Software?

HR software is a digital solution that enables the human resources department to efficiently manage and optimize the daily tasks, allowing the objectives of the organization to be achieved easily. Using an online, cloud-based HR solution saves employees a huge amount of time in redundant, manual tasks and streamlines processes with automated operations.

It enables better resource planning and aids in decision-making. It can help in the organization of budgets, holidays, leave days, promotions, recruitment and processing of new employees and so much more!

How to Pick The Right HR Solution For Your Start-up?

There are many types of HR software in India, which include a wide array of features, packages, and more. If you’re venturing into HR Software for your start-up company, do not rush into the decision. Here is a concise list of features and modules that you should look out for in your HR solution:

  1. Unlimited Users: Even if you’re a small start-up, look for software that can be utilized by an unlimited number of users. Ensure that the software allows different administrative access for different users, based on their level of seniority or clearance. As you scale, this will be essential to maintain a clear order in the department and with interdepartmental functions.
  2. Applicant Tracking Systems: ATS is extremely important for organizations that hire regularly. ATS automates the process of circulating job postings and resume screening.
  3. Performance Reviews: Find HR software that can automate or semi-automate the process of reviewing and tracking employee performance. This feature reduces the amount of paperwork and redundant labor by a huge margin and helps HR analysts create development plans for each employee. This feature also automatically monitors employee performance throughout the year.
  4. Scheduling: Scheduling is an important aspect of HR, and if your company works with flexible schedules for employees, this feature is essential. This feature can help design optimal schedules that will drive work efficiency while maintaining flexibility.
  5. Cloud Storage: Look for HR solutions that give you affordable cloud storage, which has the flexibility to upgrade as your company scales. Ensure that you only pay for the storage you need and not for unused storage that your vendor insists you pay for.
  6. Intuitive Interface: A HR Software with a bland, hard-to-easy interface is of no use and probably won’t fetch you the ROI you expect. No one wants to spend heaps of their time learning how to use and navigate a new program. Find a solution that is easy to use and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This can help employees understand the basic functions and features in no time, with no additional training.
  7. Cybersecurity: Your preferred HR solution needs to be built with already existing tools, protocols, and security functions that can keep your data secure and safe from cyber-attacks. Additional backup and recovery features can also prove to be very useful, in case of a storm, theft, or other damage to the hardware devices or servers.

There are many types and vendors providing HR solutions in India, and picking the right one is tantamount for your start-up business. Use these features as a guide on what to look for when picking the best solution for you!

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