How to Start Blogging and Make Money?

There are as many ways to earn as you can think of. You do not have to step out of the home, you can earn money by sitting at home. You do not have to gain doctorate degrees now, you can earn through your passion. Turn your passion into a full-time working profession. Possibilities are endless, you just need a start.

If you are a writer, you can earn from blogging. If you are into another profession but have a knack for writing, then also you can start blogging and make passive income. Starting your own blog is not a hectic task. You can start blogging easily. Here we are going to guide you through simple steps to start blogging from the comfort of your home and pace.

PS: Some additional tips on how to grow your blog and earn from it.

  • Pick A Domain Name: If you want to earn through blogging, you must have a domain name. Domain Name that is relevant to your industry, niche, or topics you write about. It will benefit you if it is keyword rich. There are several providers of domain names such Go Dady, Namecheap, Bigrock, Networksolutions, etc. If in case the domain name you want already exists and you can’t buy it right away, think of variation. You can have your name or its variation in the domain name. You are the brand; your brand name will never go out of style. And, if you are concerned about SEO in the domain name, these are your suggestions:
  • Keep your domain name short, 15 characters or less
  • Avoid purchasing domain name with hyphen
  • Use a common top level domain name such as .com or .net
  • Choose a Writing Platform: WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. Many bloggers use WordPress to write and publish their blogs. It is a free blogging platform with an easy to use interface and supports multimedia.You can create websites as well using WordPress. Other than WordPress, micro blogging tools such as Medium, Tumblr, If you are having trouble getting a hang of WordPress or want to excel in it, you can enrol in courses that teach you about WordPress in detail.
  • Decide on Topic/Niche: Every Writer selects a niche. Some are technical writers, some lifestyle bloggers. There are different niches on which you can write. Whatever resonates with you well or you are passionate about, write about it. If not a particular niche, you can write on multiple topics that are relevant with well-researched information. Some tips to write blogs
  • Through your writing always try to give out information, connect with audience, provide some value
  • Make your blog interesting and creative
  • Add pictures and videos to break the monotony of plain writing
  • Write about trending topics, current events. For example, if you are writing about lifestyle, add something related to Raksha Bandhan as it is the upcoming festival. You can write on rakhi gift for 10 year old sister
  • Maintain Your Blog and Be Consistent: Blogging isn’t a one time thing. It is a regular practice. When you enroute the path of blogging, you walk on it daily. Be consistent with your posting. It doesn’t have to be regular, but once/twice/thrice a week. Create your schedule. After being consistent comes the maintenance of your blog. Maintenance means working on its appeal, theme, and finishing the blog on time.
  • Learn SEO: When you think of starting a blog and in the initial stages, you don’t think of SEO. But, in the long run, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help your blog rank on Search Engines like Google. SEO will help your blog get recognition, traffic, and a way to earn money. When your piece of writing has a keyword silver rakhi and it is optimised, it increases your blog chances to do good on Google during Raksha Bandhan searches.
  • Get Social: Being a successful blogger requires effort. To help you succeed along the road you have to get social. Share your blogs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Engage with our like-minded bloggers or people who write in the same niche as you. Do some collaborative work with them. Build a social media presence for your brand.
  • Market Your Content: Boost your visibility on Google by marketing your content. It is an intricate process and will require patience. Learn the nitty-gritty of marketing and slowly you can earn success and money both.

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