how to use Concrete Mixer

What is Concrete Mixer:

Concrete is called the heart, in the construction, because of its durability and strength. A concrete mixer helps to mix all ingredients like aggregates, sand, water and cement. If the quantity of ingredients is not pre-designed or the materials not mixed well, so you can’t get the required quality and quantity of concrete.

Concrete Mixer depends on :

Concrete mixer has different types and the selection of mixer machine depends on aggregate types. Such as an aggregate, like Mortar is made with only sand.

When you need a concrete mixer:

A concrete mixer is not required for home or small repairing or just pouring the concrete. Hand mixing is hard, if you have large projects, the concrete mixer is easy to use, more efficient and give the desired outcome.

How to use a Mixer?

A concrete mixer reduces the worker’s energy and saves your time. If you want to save your time and energy, here are some tips and easy steps to use Concrete Mixer.

Requirements and safety :

  • Protection is a vital element, constructor must wear long sleeves, closed-toed shoes and also protect the eyes and mouth.
  • Use the signs and barriers so people know its construction is in process and concrete is not dry.
  • Don’t use concrete fixture on wet concrete.

The four steps to use Mixer :

Step: 1

The mixer should be positioned upward, at a 45° angle, to prevent the mixture from falling. The mixing ratio depends on the requirement and applications of concrete. Add water approximately 7 litres (1.5 gallons). If you require hard concrete then increase the amount of cement. If the water amount is much higher then it will be unmanageable and not dry properly. For rough application when you need to make a bond or for grip, add more aggregate.

Step: 2

Pour the cement and other substances into the mixer. Never insert any tool (like Shovel) or your hand into the drum even it isn’t in motion.

Step: 3

Plugin or turn on the machine, when you put the mixture, mixer turn for 3 to 4 minutes before you add the sand mixture. The mixer on turning whenever the materials mixed well.

Step: 4

Turn off the mixer and slowly tilt down the drum, pour the concrete into the wheelbarrow, so you can transport it easily to the construction site. You can’t rest the concrete until it turns to the mould.

Tips you should know:

  • The concrete mixer should be close to the uninterrupted water supply and construction site.
  • Observe the concrete movement when the drum turns if the mixture reaches the top of the mixer before it falls, so it’s too dry and you need to add water. If the mixture doesn’t reach the side of the drum during the turning so it’s wet.
  • Always keep clean your mixer drum. If you don’t clean, so the concrete will harden and it’s difficult to remove dried concrete. To clean the concrete, add a small amount of sand, water and turn on the machine then leave for several minutes. Discharge the water and sand, repeat this process with water at this time. Discharge it and switch off the machine.
  • Use a stiff brush to clean the blades of the drum’s mixer.

Concrete mixer have diverse types but the usage are same. Follow the steps and keep in mine the helpful tips.

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