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Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it? (Top Benefits)

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service by Microsoft, which was previously known as Windows Azure. Cloud computing is a technology that uses servers, software, and hardware to provide computing services to clients on a pay-on-the-go system. Facilities like storage, network, applications, and other programs are made available through cloud computing without owning the required devices. Microsoft Azure is one such service that is predominantly a public cloud computing platform. This means that any service or storage employed by the client will have the servers located in third-party storage. This is not exclusive to the client and can be employed by others as well.

Types of Cloud Services

Azure provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in its cloud computing services.

  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a service: When the client wants to use the hardware and software to build new programs from scratch, this service is useful. It requires the company to have technical knowledge on how to use the computing service.
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service: When the cloud computing service provides the required tools to build the program, it is called PaaS.
  • SaaS or software as a service: When the cloud services offer pre-written programs for the user to use directly, it is called SaaS without much modification. This is the most popular and easy-to-use type of cloud service.

Uses of Microsoft Azure 

Now that we know what Microsoft Azure is capable of, let us take a look at its uses:

1. Backup and recovery: Cloud-based storage is much more reliable when compared to tape storage and backup. Data is stored anytime, anywhere, and for any device. The flexibility and low cost of data backup are the most attractive features of Azure.

2. Website and mobile apps development: Using Azure, one can create and manage applications specific to the website or service. Another key feature is Automatic patch management, where cloud computing focuses on maintenance and management of the software, and the client can focus on improving the application. Another quite useful software is the AutoScale feature. It automatically allows the control of resources during high and low internet traffic.

3. Combine with the internet of things: Azure and IoT can significantly change the game for those who want to innovate using the Internet of things. It provides improved speed, simple processes, low costs, and high security.

4. Distribution of active directory: Using Azure, one can supplement and distribute a global directory to a much larger reach. It provides the security and speed to manage all the tools in multiple apps.

Microsoft Azure Certification

Looking at the benefits of using Microsoft Azure, it is evident that it is a well-known brand with high demand. It is predicted that 80% of Enterprise IT will move to the Cloud by 2025. With such an essential requirement of professionals in this field, the need for well-skilled and experienced individuals is also high. This is where a certification and training course plays a significant role. Let’s take a look at what benefits a certification course will bring.

  • Better pay: Microsoft Azure has made a brand name for itself to resonate with quality service. Individuals certified in Microsoft Azure are in high demand in the cloud computing industry. Better certifications mean better positions which leads to better pay. The average salary for a Microsoft Azure certified professional begins at $40,000 and went up to $180,000 per annum for the senior posts.
  • Flexible career options: Microsoft Azure certification courses make individuals qualified to pick up different projects in various sectors. For example, the Azure Architect certification training helps handle virtualization, automation, storage, security, application infrastructure, and networking. Cloud services are being utilized in banking, healthcare, finances, multinational companies, and even government services. 
  • Job stability: Once an individual is equipped with the knowledge that comes along with the role-based certification from Microsoft Azure, they become an indispensable asset to the team. The in-depth skill is in high demand in many avenues and would provide endless opportunities. With the 12 different courses, job security comes automatically.
  • Offer better security: Microsoft Azure has a good security service of great importance in today’s industries. All companies want high security, especially from their competitors. Azure offers one of the best security tools called the Security Development Lifecycle. Azure’s training and certification include learning about providing this security, allowing the client to focus on program development.
  • Structured approach: The learning approach through the courses is well-designed by experts in the field. While learning through tutorials or experience, this structure is missing, and one might miss out on vital elements and concepts. This can be completely avoided through the program, and the individual receives clear guidance and instructions about the essentials in the particular field. The certification course offers twelve specific role-based certifications, which are highly specific and helps to learn about each in-depth.
  • Stay up-to-date: Technology is continuously growing, and cloud computing is no exception to this. As someone who aspires to work in cloud computing services, one must be aware of all the latest developments. This isn’t easy, especially if one is a beginner or is having multiple responsibilities. It is only possible if one is completely immersed in the field. But learning with these certification courses provides an easy alternative to learn about all the recent developments in one place.
  • Build a network: It might be challenging to connect people with similar goals and aspirations in a work environment. Although this is an added benefit, it is of great importance. By enrolling in any of the certification courses, one becomes well-acquainted with the experts taking the course. New connections and networks can also be made with others attending the course. This would play an essential role in interacting with like-minded people and building strong professional relationships.

Cloud computing has a long and bright future in the IT industry. So, enroll yourself and get started on your journey to success! Azure, being a frontrunner in this field, is the perfect choice for a certification course in cloud computing.

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