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Keeping Yourself Safe While Using Facebook Marketplace

Buying and selling products using online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace are a convenient way to find products at a low price. However, it can be unsafe to meet up with strangers to make the exchanges. Some unfortunate situations, such as robberies, have happened while using online selling methods. So, to keep yourself safe while using Facebook Marketplace, follow these tips below.

Only Buy and Sell in Local Areas

Buying and selling products that need to be shipped is one way that you could get scammed. If you want to use this method, try a different site such as eBay or another similar platform. Online peer-to-peer marketplaces are best when you use them locally. When you see someone face to face, it’s less likely that they’ll take advantage of you.

Bring Someone Along With You

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling products, when you meet up with a stranger, it’s best to bring a trusted friend along with you. If you are alone, it’s more likely that someone could try and rob you. But, if they see that you are with another person, they may think twice. 

Meet in a Public Space

The best places to meet up with people when buying and selling things are local areas. Although meeting up at someone’s home may seem more accessible, it can also be very unsafe. Giving out your address to a stranger may result in robbery or harm to you and your family. Decide on a local cafe, park, or shopping center to make the exchange. 

Pay When You Exchange

When you use a peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell items, it’s best to pay for the product at the time of the exchange. It may be easier or tempting to pay beforehand. However, wait until you have the product in hand to prevent yourself from getting scammed. You can pay with cash or an online app such as Venmo or PayPal. 

Keep Personal Information Safe

When dealing with someone you don’t know, it’s important to keep your personal information private. Although it’s easy to make small talk, you should avoid mentioning where you work, your family’s names, and where your home is located. These don’t seem like suspicious questions, but they could make it easier for someone to scope out your home or rob you.

Research the Other Party

To ensure a smooth transaction, it could be helpful to do a little research on the other person. Typically, if someone plans to rob or scam you, they won’t use their real name. To find out if someone is using a fake name, you can use PeopleFinders to do a people search. From here, you can find out some basic information about a person so you can determine whether it’s safe or not to meet up.


Buying and selling goods on peer-to-peer marketplaces is simple and convenient. However, it’s crucial to keep yourself safe in the process. Using PeopleFinders to look up information on a person can help you learn more about them and remain safe.

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