Pros and Cons of Nursing Homes

It is no question that once we begin to get older, our bodies are no longer able to perform difficult or even ordinary, daily tasks. It will become a topic of discussion in most people’s conversations among elderly loved ones savefromnet. Making the difficult decision on whether or not to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home is not an easy one. There are multiple common advantages as well as disadvantages to come to that conclusion. Compiled below are the most common pros and cons to utilizing a nursing home as well as some additional alternatives that are available to those who decline that option. 


Fortunately there are a handful of pros that come from the utilization of a nursing home. Typically, there is a staff that is trained that can provide medical care 24 hours 7 days a week. Some homes can establish proper nutrition by providing a dietitian or nutritionist Facilities are often evaluated with reports that are commonly accessible through Medicare to ensure that your elderly loved one is safe and protected. In some cases, family members of these loved ones are placed to care for them without the proper caring tools and skills. So it is an advantage for most families to be able to fully rely on a nursing home in hopes that it puts less tension within the family environment. Best of all, these homes will prepare fun activities in hopes that our loved ones are also happy as well as cared for. 


Unfortunately there are also a handful of cons that come from using a nursing home. It is a place that can commonly become very lonely and isolating for many individuals. Especially among some patients that have more severe complications. There is a possibility of having to travel often and even extensive distances in order to see our loved ones frequently. Particularly if there is not a nursing home close to your home. Sadly, nursing homes are largely expensive. Many people just simply cannot afford this type of continuous care. The national average of living in a nursing home in a private room per year is roughly $90,000 as of 2012. There are actually quite commonly low-staffed facilities all over the country which makes it more likely for accidents to occur. There is also a probability of low-quality caregiving that can regrettably result in nursing home abuse or neglect. In which case reaching out to injury lawyer Longanville, GA is advised. 

Additional Possible Options

Depending on the severity of your loved one and their ailments, purchasing devices that encourage mobility can also be an option to being able to give them some independence. As well as giving you the freedom from feeling the pressure to take care of them daily. A few options available to do so include: lift chairs, walk-in tubs, and stair lifts. These are all obtainable for a fraction of the cost of staying in a nursing home. This option may not be viable for many individuals for different reasons, but it is great to know that we do have these additional options available to us. 

Taking care of our loved ones is our top priority when their abilities are decreased. In conclusion, fortunately we do have options.

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