Ride on: Guide to Choosing the Best Skateboard Truck

Every part of an object is essential for it to become a fully functioning device. A pencil wouldn’t be complete if it came only with the wood covering and no lead in the middle, causing it not to write at all. A phone wouldn’t power without the battery inside. Every part is as equally important as one another, even in skateboards.

Before getting into skateboards, you first need to learn about the parts that make it up. You need to know what type of skateboard desk you’re getting and, most especially, the type of skateboard trucks to choose from as without the trucks. The skateboard wouldn’t even be able to move. Choosing the right skateboard trucks means learning about them and finding out which one would suit you best.

Here’s a little guide to help you in doing just that.

What’s the Budget?

Learning how much you could spend is an essential step before getting skateboard trucks for your board. Of course, the more expensive the truck, the higher in quality it is. However, cheaper trucks and roller skates for kids are still quite a catch, though they break faster in the long run. You need to establish if you want to do skateboarding professionally or if it is just a passing fling in your life. If you want to enter skateboarding competitions, investing in the more pricey trucks would be a better option as they would last longer and would, in turn, help you keep the board’s overall usability to a high point. If this is just something you thought of on a whim, however, going for the cheaper trucks would be better until you’ve decided to go pro.

Size Matters

In terms of physical appearance, size doesn’t matter. You are beautiful inside and out. In terms of skateboarding, however, it does matter. Knowing the appropriate size to get for your skateboard trucks is essential when thinking of getting some. You wouldn’t want to get the smallest trucks available for a longboard or the largest size available for a mini-cruiser type of board. You’d want to get the type of trucks that are exactly right for the types of the board you’re planning to get. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Learning what size best suits you would be very beneficial once you finally get the board you want.

What Type Suits You

As skateboard trucks come in all sorts of different sizes, they come in different types too. A skateboard could have two main types of trucks, both of which have their functionality and purpose depending on what the rider needs them for, the standard kingpin and the reverse kingpin. The standard kingpin is the more well-known type of truck and is usually the more used one. They are very versatile and very great for tricks and flips, especially as they can easily be adjusted and tightened using the appropriate tools. The reverse kingpin, however, is usually found in longboards and cruiser boards. They are made for people who want to ride down steep hills and go for longer rides on their boards and easily customizable if you want them to move faster or glide better.


As every part has its importance in helping an object or device function, learning about the parts that comprise a whole is essential. If you want to learn about skateboarding, you have to understand what comprises a skateboard, what type of board to get and most especially, the types of trucks that would greatly suit you. Planning your budget, learning about the truck sizes and most especially the functionality you want out of your skateboard trucks is a must and is the first step before you get into skateboarding itself.

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