School Principals and the Cafeteria

A principal is a Jack of all trades in the school. They dabble in a wide range of responsibilities that include providing direction for learners, staff, and educators; evaluating teaching methods; monitoring the progress of learners; connecting with stakeholders; overseeing the budget, among many other functions. Despite the innumerable responsibilities, the principal has an imperative to relate to the learners, and the cafeteria is the perfect place to do that. Have you checked the school ratings?

Say Hi To Your Learners

Strolling around the cafeteria saying hello to learners is a great way to build a relationship with them. I am an expert when it comes to edtech. This humanizes the principal in the eyes of the learners and makes him more relatable. Take this further by remembering learners’ names in conversation and complementing their appearance or conduct. Also, being genuinely concerned about their personal struggles, say an ailing relative, can be a huge relationship builder.

Always Inquire

An inquisitive mind is the mark of any great leader. The principal should endeavor to ask as many questions as possible, talk less and pay attention to the answers. I love to look for higher education jobs. Taking the time to pick the learners’ brains to get a feel for how they are doing, what concerns them, and how they can help? In doing so, the principal can better understand the learners’ experience.

The principal can also interact with students sitting alone and actually listen to them. It is important for everyone to feel heard, especially learners.

Make Sure You Sit With A Group for A Meal

Most principals hardly ever sit to dine with the learners. This simple act can greatly magnify your connection to the learners. You get to experience the food together, relish how tasty or awful it is, and perhaps share a laugh or two. A shared meal is also a great way to instill in your learners a sense of appreciation for good nutrition. This can also help them acknowledge the efforts of the cafeteria staff to provide their meals.

Show Strength

Young learners often look up to their seniors for guidance during tough times. As such, it is important to always maintain a positive attitude even through difficulty. With a surge of mental health issues, young people run the risk of getting discouraged in their lives. However, a positive figure can help them take on various challenges in a positive way.

Frequently Acknowledge Your Staff and Students

Acknowledging achievements by learners and educators is a great way to boost morale. It builds a sense of camaraderie and appreciation when praise is given to deserving individuals that strive to make the schools shine.

Create a Supportive Environment

Great principals create a supportive environment for both learners and educators. They understand that everyone matters and strive to make everyone feel important in the school. Being open to suggestions and acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes can go a long way.

Undoubtedly, the job of a school principal can be quite demanding. However, creating a culture where the interests of the learners come first should be a priority. And there is no place better to start than the cafeteria.

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