Sneakers, otherwise called trainers, are originally shoes crafted for sports and other types of physical workouts. But today, they are also largely utilized for day-to-day casual wear. They are the no. 1 go-to option for a wide range of consumers. So when every other person is adorning one, where do you find those rare sneakers that stand out in the crowd?

One of the things most of us cherish is sneakers shopping. But, as soon as you purchase a pair, you can’t help but look for the next one that would add-on to your sneaker collection. The only downside of purchasing sneakers is generally their high prices. Imagine running into a pair of rare sneakers that are extremely rare and brutally expensive. You would just put it right back into the proverbial grapevine and pretend like you never saw them.

Well, here are six such sneakers which, when you get your eyes on, you may sneak by!

1. Nike Dunk SB Low Staple Pigeon – $16,000

This must be the most popular “dunk” ever. When they were released in 2005, the situation escalated to the extent that the cops had to guard these. The number of zeroes on the price tag has been on the rise ever since.

2. Macklemore x Air Jordan Cactus –$25,000

Casting around for these at a thrift shop would be an utter fiasco. Do you want to know why? Because even though there are over 2,500 thrift shops in Australia, with numerous more worldwide, there are only 23 pairs of these sneakers.

3. Jordan Silver Shoes – $60,000

No, don’t fool yourself. Real silver is not used in the making of these sneakers. Then why, do you ask, were they sold for $60,000? In addition to the fact that only ten pairs were manufactured, basketball legend Michael Jordan was gifted one of these as a 32nd birthday gift, which gave these sneakers a lovely background.

4. Air Jordan 12 OVO – $100,000

This sneaker is the outcome of a collaboration between the brand ‘Jordan’ and OVO– the rapper Drake’s brand. These were the second most expensive Jordan sneakers at that time. At first, they may not look like anything extraordinary. But the price of these has rocketed from a retail price of $200 to $100,000 since its release. Go ahead mate, take a moment to digest that.

5. Solid Gold OVO Air Jordan – $2,000,000

These sneakers are more or less a showcase item. You would not be able to do much walking or running in these. They were created by the collaboration of Jordan and OVO. Though the official price was not announced initially, according to a study, the shoes are approximated to be worth an unbelievable $2,000,000.

6. Converse Fastbreak – $190,372

This is where we start touching prodigious prices. The price tag is not because of the costly materials used. The sixth pair on this list was possessed by Michael Jordan himself – the star player won the 1984 Olympic games in these very shoes.

According to several credible sources, these are the rarest of shoes and are the most expensive sneakers ever made in history. Go grab some seldom sneakers mate!

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