Slot wagering requirements explained and calculated

If you’re new to playing online slot games, there are some things that can seem quite intimidating. You want to be 100% certain what you’re doing in order to not waste your money, but there are things you should know beforehand. A bit of simple research about what you’re getting into will protect you from wasting money, and improve your odds of winning some instead.

As with anything new, basic investigation is key. For example, with online Bonanza slots, some of the jargon can seem confusing. If you’re reading up on how best to play, and you keep reading words or expressions you don’t understand, you may switch off and think it’s not for you.

However, stick with it. It’s not as complicated as it may seem.

Slot wagering requirements

One aspect of slot games online that can be initially confusing are the slot wagering requirements. They come into play anytime a player gambles at an online casino. More often than not, a rookie online gambler will sign up to an online casino without reading the terms and conditions. This is a mistake because the slot wagering requirements are where the online casino will establish whether or not a player has to spend a certain amount of money before making any withdrawals.

The wagering requirements will vary from website to website. What’s more, although they may be frustrating, they’re there for a reason. Most online casino sites are legally obliged to have them in order to avoid money laundering crimes.

Calculating slot wagering requirements

Anyone with a very basic knowledge of maths can calculate the slot wagering requirements. Imagine that you’ve signed up to an online casino and they’re offering you a bonus of £50 for becoming a member. You’ve also seen that the wagering requirement as part of the T&Cs is at a level of 5x. This translates to £50 (new player bonus) multiplied by 5 (slot wagering requirement) = £250.

That means that you have to wager at least £250 in order to make a cash withdrawal. However, remember that you don’t have to do this all at once. You can use smaller, more manageable bet amounts over time to build up to the total amount of £250.

It really is that simple. You just multiply the bonus by the wagering requirement, and this will give you the amount you must wager in order to cash out.

Depending on your personal situation, it’s worth reading the T&Cs of a few online gambling websites. Different slot wagering requirements will suit different people according to their financial limits. By looking around and being savvy with the website you choose, you may find yourself a good deal.

So, to conclude, don’t just be star-struck by the welcome packages that websites will offer to entice you in. The other side to every welcoming promotion are the slot wagering requirements.

Always factor them in before you decide to sign up and ask yourself whether it’s financially realistic to meet the requirements. For example, potential wagering requirements that are over 40x may be a stretch too far for your wallet.

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