Sports News; Women Are Not Other Than Male Any More

The discrimination between men and women was always evident. From a task to its rewards, women seemed to face more challenges than men. Perhaps the habit of swimming against the current has made them grow and learn little by little how to stand up for themselves, how to create a position for themselves, and most importantly, how to live for themselves.

One of the platforms where women have genuinely proved themselves is the sports platform. Gender equality is slowly but surely being implemented everywhere, and sports is a significant example of it. It is not only the game, the challenge, 먹튀검증 or the trophy but also about the representation of women worldwide that is appreciated. The global exposure that a woman receives from this platform alone is both surprising and commendable. Because that is how far the world has come, that is how it’s evolving.

Female athletes have come a long way in proving themselves. But is it ever enough? That’s the question we ask ourselves because it was never about going the extra mile to be seen or heard by men. The women of sports have always more or less had to face barriers, discrimination, questions. There is a stark difference in how the camera sees a man and a woman. Even after gaining so much, women are often left behind when there is credit due. From magazines to television, it is apparent who is getting the limelight more. It is often seen how frequently a male sportsperson is being celebrated for his wins, but seldom are a female’s wins ever celebrated. Mostly because people are not aware of the female athletes’ presence and their accomplishments, they are not given the stage or screen time to showcase their abilities. The industry is said to be male-oriented.

Even with all the complications women face daily, they have overcome them and defied the gender norms. Because at the end of the day, if a little girl is motivated enough to pursue football, she will have a chance to make her dream come true since now many women have paved the way for today’s females. One of the good things that came out of women being a part of sports is how people view their role models. It is not just men but women who have gone out of their way to pursue sports and become the athletes they are today. Be it Serena Williams, Christine Sinclair, Sania Mirza, or Simone Biles. They all have created a path for the rest of the girls following behind and set an example of how it should be done. These athletes have continuously proved how an individual, a woman, should stand up for herself, do it all alone, one against ten people. Whether it is teamwork, leadership, or sportsmanship, every girl has a lot to learn from them. That is how women in sports have an impact on the whole community all around the world. They are setting records for the younger generation.  They are a nation’s pride.

As female athletes are exploring various opportunities, it is safe to say the female community of sports has come a long way. Sport is a medium of the platform that many female athletes are using to spread awareness and knowledge and prove that women do not have to live the stereotypical life the society pressures them into living.

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