The Power of a Brand Name

Your brand name is your first impression.

Elizabeth Rose

Your brand name is your first impression, and as many of us have discovered throughout life, first impressions are difficult to retract, especially in the construction business. Your brand name sets the tone for your clients’ experience with your business; does a glance at your billboard leave them feeling confident? Safe? Joyous? More importantly, does it leave them feeling the way you desire them to feel? In this one act, you have the power to dictate your clients’ subconscious beliefs surrounding your brand. Your choice of identity, the representation of what your business is at its core, is a subtle yet immense decision. A simple conglomeration of letters strung together has the might to influence emotion, formulate opinions, and sew the connection between the two and your business.

Keys to choosing the right brand name:

  • Know the tone you want to set, how you want people to feel when they read your billboard.
  • Keep it short; short names are not only easier to remember, but they typically are also more pleasing to the ear as well. Your brand name should typically be no longer than 3 words at most.
  • Use strong, precise key words; you have only 1-3 words to evoke the goal emotions you identified. Make them count.

Your domain is your digital beacon.

Your domain is your digital beacon, the lighthouse set aglow that leads the ship to shore, and your clients to your website. Having the right domain is crucial for driving traffic to your website, and therefore, for your business’s growth and prosperity.

Two Simple rules for choosing your domain name:

  • Keep it short; as already discussed, a short domain will be more memorable, making your website more easily accessible.
  • Keep it similar; your domain name should be as close to your brand name as possible. If your business name is referred to as XY, then your website should not be simply because you wanted to use XY as your brand name and was already taken, though would be acceptable.

Choosing a brand name and domain is a lofty decision, but it is not unsurmountable. Treat naming your business as a process and the steps above as stepping-stones to the right name. Allow yourself to take your time, to feel out every crease in each stone on your soles. If you become overwhelmed or reach a mental impasse, reach out for help. Whether it be a friend or a professional, another set of ideas is often enough to topple the barricade that has arisen between you and the vision you have for your brand. Finally, keep reminding yourself that the right name exists, just waiting to be discovered, and relish in the chase of finding a new identity.

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