Regardless of whether a building is brand new or super old, they both have one common thing. Pests. There is a misconception that insects and pests show presence in areas that contain lots of plants. While plants help provide shelter for some of them, not all come from such an environment.

Building-specific pests usually establish their presence due to specific floorings, wood types, and weather. In the last 60 years, Australian establishments have spent $389 million on combating invasive species like pests and pathogens. To be more sustainable, we need affordable pest control services!

While 60% of these come from external consignments and shipping, a large part represents the diversity of invasive pests home to Australia.

Here is a list of commonly found pests and how pest control works with them:

  • Termites: Aussie lands are home to around 60 invasive varieties of termites. These pests are the primary pests here and cost about $100 million worth of damage in Bomaderry, Albion Park, etc. These feed on wallpapers, drywall, furniture, and even carpets! Nowadays, affordable pest control not only helps in termite control but also offers Termite Baiting. Through these systems, building owners can get an understanding of how termites live underground.
  • Spiders: Spiders are usually found in dust-laden spaces and corners where they can lodge and build their webs. Pest control involves the annual treatment of homes with organic solvents extracted from chrysanthemums.
  • Cockroaches: Roaches are found in sewer and drain systems. They usually come out of such systems in the late evenings. Different species of cockroaches require varied interventions. Worry not! These are all methods of reasonably-priced pest control.
  • Rodents: Rodents usually take time to appear. They are shy and therefore are very calculative. These pests appear in homes or buildings with a fresh smell. Baiting them is a process that requires expertise.
  • Ants: Ants are usually very hard to notice due to their small size. However, when an ant is spotted, it is important to remember that its colonies are nearby. Pest control involves spraying Insect Growth Regulators (IGR). Instead of killing the ants immediately, these sprays act as temporary repellents and take the ant back to their colony. Eventually, it destroys the entire colony.
  • Fleas: If your household has pets, then fleas are unavoidable. Fleas are very difficult to treat and control. This requires coordinated work from both the pet parents and pest control services. The pet coat needs to be vacuumed regularly and kept free of fleas. Pest control involves using repellents with high residual.
  • Drake Lawn & Pest Control offers pest control services in Orlando so you can be protected from viruses and diseases spread by these pests.

Why pest control?

  • Reasonably-priced pest control like aim environmental is the name of the game. Pests can be quite menacing and deter the quality of our life quite significantly. Prevention is better than cure! We must keep an eye out for these pests to avoid incurring excessive costs to fix the damages.
  • The repellents and solvents used in pest control are mostly extracted from natural sources. They are environmentally sustainable and home-friendly. What’s more, they are affordable too! If they are chemicals with high residuals, they are utilised so that your family’s safety is not compromised.
  • In commercial pest control, many affordable pest control services offer building inspections before, during, and after construction. Sub-floors, roof voids, roof exteriors, and interior rooms are carefully inspected for pest incidence. A detailed report is also provided. This can help relegate prices in case of purchase and ensure preventive measures early on to avoid future damage.

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