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The top 10 antivirus software for small businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses tend not to have as extensive security resources and budgets that large-scale firms often do. Due to the recent pandemic and work-from-home environment, many employees are now forced to work on business projects using their own devices.

These factors make antivirus software and other cyber security measures such as cyber insurance crucial than ever before.

Keep reading to find out about the ten antivirus software that you should consider buying for your small businesses.

Top-10 Antivirus Software 

Even though a range of virus software options is available, as described below, you could still consider having cyber risk insurance to keep yourself safe from data breaches.

Here are the top-ten antivirus software packages that provide optimum security:


Bitdefender is a software package that protects malicious activities. The platform offers protection from various types of malware such as spyware, viruses, trojans, etc.

The software provides security controls that you can customize to your liking and needs. It also provides security from multiple endpoints, including laptops, desktops, and various servers.

The cool thing about this platform is that it uses AI technology to watch ransomware and malware. This, in turn, generates promising results. This software can detect an attack before it even happens!

Overall, the Bitdefender gravity zone business security is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for quicker and more effective antivirus software.

ESET Endpoint Security 

The ESET software offers successful cyber security solutions to protect businesses against any zero-day threats.

Some of the important features that this software provides are security for mobile devices, offering multiple steps of protection such as firewall, botnet defence, and Web filter.

It is regarded as one of the best antivirus software and deservingly so because of how user-friendly, and customizable the platform is.

You also have the option to single-point overview your network defence. This will ensure that you get real-time notifications and you can take action accordingly.

Trend Micro

Trend micro was found thirty years ago to provide safety, simplicity, and trust. They are one of the most significant market leaders when it comes down to endpoint security.

This platform offers a one-stop solution to email protection, Web and Endpoint protection all in one. The software provides good-file check, machine learning, and behavioural analysis, all as part of their threat protection process. As a result, it can detect the rate of scripted threats.

The drawback, however, with this software is that it misses out on some of the more advanced attacks. But it’s nothing to worry about as their 24/7 support, and automatic updates make the software easy and reliable to use.

Avast Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast is a100% cloud-based software that makes it easy to be managed from a single integrated platform. Additionally, the platform contains a behavioural shield that blocks any unwanted points of access.

Other than that, the share point safeguarding present in the software scans any files that may have been downloaded or uploaded to your business servers.

Furthermore, the data shredder protects and overwrites any deleted data. So, there’s no chance for any hackers to recover any old original files.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition 

For Small businesses and organizations, this software is ideal to use. It will cater to all your security problems. The program not only works in real-time but also provides identity protection.

This is essential for business owners dealing with clients’ personal information such as transactions and their data.

Furthermore, introducing the new AVG cloud management console allows a business owner to activate security protection from more than one point. All in all, the software protects devices, manages policies, and monitors threats.

Norton Small Business 

The good thing about the Norton software is that it works with all devices. It can hold up to 20 employees and can offer them protection from cyber threats. This isn’t all; the program grows with your business.

This means you can customize and add protection according to your needs. Moreover, the flexibility of this software is excellent for small businesses.

If you want your software to find malicious files according to their reputation and behaviour, then Norton is the software for you!

Vipre Endpoint Security 

Vipre is a security program that offers real-time threat intelligence. This platform is made for small businesses that are looking for endpoint protection and email security.

The Viper’s endpoint server protects third-party management and zero-day threats to keep the system secure. In addition to this, the program’s Internet monitoring tools attract vendors in the education sector because it prevents young users from opening malicious content on the Internet.

Sophos Intercept X

Sophos uses AI technology to predict future threats and also works in real-time. The program uses AI to detect and remove ransomware, malware, and other potential hazards.

The software is also synchronized to other devices, so if a threat is found on one device, it will automatically be blocked by all devices. To summarize, using artificial intelligence makes this software more reliable and scalable.

The software works on all desktops, tablets, and mobile devices as well. So this software can be used by anyone.

F-Secure Protection Services 

The F-Secures antivirus network protection along with deep guards behaviour-based detection makes it a strong malware protector.

The software is managed using a single console and can be used from a Web browser. Additionally, it also has effective anti-phishing and browsing protection capabilities.

The F-Secures AI technology keeps devices safe from data breaches, malware, and ransomware.

McAfee Total Protection 

McAfee is award-winning software that offers effective security solutions to consumers. The program’s user-friendly and well-designed interface makes it easy to use.

This is an ideal antivirus software choice for small businesses with employees working on their own devices.

The software’s total protection products protect SMB as well. The comprehensive protection includes password management, a built-in firewall, and anti-phishing, which keeps the user’s email box filled with malicious content.

To summarize, if you’re looking for antivirus software that you can use on multiple devices and that is lightweight and doesn’t put a strain on the system, then McAfee is the one for you!


In the end, choosing the antivirus software depends on what you want for your business and your customers.

To uphold your own and your customer’s security, you should also consider investing in cyber insurance for extra protection. Cyber risk insurance is intended to protect a business and its services.

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