The Truth Behind Adhesive Dry Times

If you are doing eyelash extensions for yourself or starting up a studio, it is likely that you have heard plenty of advice on how long adhesives take to dry. Even following the package directions can steer you wrong and it will ultimately take trial and error to make sure the lashes you place adhere properly. Rather than having adhesives fail after a few minutes, it is important to follow some of these top tips when working with adhesives and proper dry times.

Check Humidity In The Environment

Checking the humidity in the room you are in can be important. If it is a wet day outside, switching to a different adhesive can make a huge difference. The RH or relative humidity measurement can be taken with a hygrometer and it can be beneficial for helping you pick an adhesive that works well in these conditions.


If you have a thinner adhesive, you can make sure that it is going to cure. A thicker adhesive may not penetrate and bond in the same way and it may give you more chance to adjust lashes as it dries. Finding something that works for your methods here can be important.

Lash Hair Type

Based on the types of extensions you are installing and the type of hair, you may want to adjust your adhesives. If you are seeing lashes that look extremely healthy, you may be able to use a standard adhesive. If you face a client that has fewer cuticle layers, you might want to choose a thinner lash and a better adhesive for penetrating into the lash.

Other Environmental Concerns

If you are working in a salon or you are not practicing good cleaning techniques before application, this can affect the way that adhesives cure. Chemicals in the air like hairsprays and hair treatment can often change the way that an adhesive with dry. It is often advantageous to set up a lash studio in a separate area to better control the environment.

Keep these top ideas in consideration as you are working at finding the best adhesive and the ideal solution for your clients.

This post was written by Natali Roshau. Natali has over 10 years of experience as a lash artist and is the owner of Lash Addict Studio. Lash Addict studio offers the best quality eyelash extensions in Saint Petersburg. In addition to being a lash artist, she also offers eyelash training certifying girls across the nation!

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