Dresses are an incredibly comfortable piece of garment and are so versatile, especially midi dresses that make for the perfect brunch date outfit. Generally, midi dresses have their hems in length anywhere between the ankle and the knee, making it neither too long nor too short, just the perfect length. They are perfect for women who are slightly clumsy and trip over their dresses more often than usual, as it prevents them from a trip and fall accident, simultaneously preventing a possible wardrobe malfunction due to a heavy breeze.

Finding perfect designer dresses for women can get a little tricky for some people, especially those who have a shorter or a longer stature as compared to most shoppers. That should never stop them from buying a midi dress, especially from brands exclusively focused on making the lady feel like a fashion icon yet keeping them comfortable. Nowadays, there are unique brands that make exquisite pieces so every woman feels like a diva wearing their creations.

Tips for styling these dresses in the most flattering way:

  • Before purchase: The best “before purchase” tip is to determine what dress length is in requirement now. Some dresses can go closer to the knee or the ankle, giving it the illusion of being a short dress or a long one, respectively. Do not make the mistake of buying a dress that stops mid-calf as it could enhance and enlarge that feature giving it an odd appeal. Either fully commit to below the calf or above, adding some character to the dress with metallic or mesh hems.
  • Waist belts to save the day: These dresses can often be made of quite breezy fabric, which takes away the waist definition that could make or break the entire look. Adding a belt to the dress narrows down the fabric at the waist-defining both the dress and the individual. This is optional and is completely dependent on the wearer’s preference. If they are going for a summer day look with free-flowing fabric that waves in the breeze, that is a vibe too.
  • Heels are their best friend: Strappy heels are perfect to counter the stunted look a dress can give, especially to slightly shorter women than the average shopper. They look not only sexy but also add extra height to elongate their feet. Try to avoid wearing heels that are a little too bling or chunky; keeping it simple and minimalistic will add some class to the outfit.
  • Colours, patterns and everything in between: Now, the way this tip works is entirely based on the consumer’s choice. It is like readers and their favourite book genres as no two readers have the same favourite book or genre. If there is a party to attend with a black-tie attire theme, choose solid colours with minimal to no prints or patterns. Minimalistic patterns like checks can also look very classy when styled with a pair of black stilettos. If a fun event is coming up, maybe a picnic day with the girlfriends, lovely floral prints with cool tones would make the perfect dress.

These midi dresses are a perfect addition to the wardrobe and can be pulled out during a last-minute event that comes out of nowhere. Keeping them handy can come in the clutch, and nobody is complaining about owning another dress now, are they? Hope this gives some inspiration to find and style that perfect dress!

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