Use free visitor management software to secure your workplace.

The visitor management system is a simple, secure, and robust visitor management system that allows you to manage and track visitors at your organisation. You’re probably wondering why your company needs a visitor management system. Or maybe you’re wondering, what can a visitor management system do better, and is it really worth it? We’ll show you how visitor management software free can help businesses save time, space, and, most importantly, security. There was a time when pen and paper log books were sufficient; however, they no longer fit with the way touchless visitor management systems are implemented today.

Paper-based logbooks make it difficult for your staff to manage visitor data and do not give visitors a good first impression. Many visitor check-in software applications today only require an internet connection, so regardless of your company size, you can easily implement a digital check-in system.

How a Visitor Management System can help your company:

Visitor management can help you secure your workplace, Digital check-ins, and simply let you know more about your visitors. A free visitor management app provides a variety of features that will make your workplace smart and secure.  This system provides the touchless features that secure you from the virus.

  • Maintain Workplace Security: Track every person who enters the front door and keep their information secure. Unauthorized individuals are not permitted to enter the workplace.
  • Automatic Host Notification: The visitor management system makes it simple to greet visitors. Notifications should be sent via welcome messages. When a visitor enters the workplace, this system sends a notification to the staff about the visitor’s arrival.
  • Analytics for Tracking Visitors: The dashboard shows updates for your most important visitor statistics. This system allows you to track visitors based on their entry and exit times.
  • Check-in without using your hands: You can check-in without the assistance of a third party using the visitor management system. The QR code must be placed at the reception area. Visitors can check-in by scanning that code.
  • Screening: The visitor management system includes a screening feature that allows you to scan visitors. This feature allows you to analyze visitors based on their travel and health history.
  • Unrestricted Guest Check-in: Make smart check-in arrangements for your visitors. There is no longer a need to fill out paper documents, handwritten badges, and so on. The bulk form can be checked in using this system.

Make your workplace smart with Visitor Management System:-

Install a visitor management system in your workplace to make it more secure, intelligent, and safe. Some visitor management systems provide a free trial with no credit card required. Simply fill out the Sign-up form with your information, and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to get started. You can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customised badges, and top security with a smart visitor management system. The ultimate all-in-one solution: Try the visitor management system for effective visitor management!

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