Uses of Fake ID Card

There are many potential uses of a fake ID card, but not all of them are bad. If you are caught, you’ll likely face months in court and hefty legal fees. In addition to hefty fines, a criminal conviction for using a fake ID can land you in jail for up to one year. The consequences of a conviction depend on the type of fake ID and state you were arrested for. A criminal conviction stays on your record forever, so you will need to protect yourself from these types of scams.

Identity theft

Many people use false identification to commit various types of fraud. These include the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes illegally, check fraud, bank fraud, social security fraud, and immigration fraud. Fake IDs are easier to create today, thanks to the use of color copier machines and advanced computer graphics technology. However, it is not foolproof. The photo and information on the fake ID must match the real documents and the document must be in order to pass a quality check. The document must not be expired, altered, or stolen.

The thief can use the fake ID card to open bank accounts and make purchases with existing charge accounts. They can also use fake IDs to secure loans and higher-end purchases. Identity theft is often accompanied by criminal charges. It costs consumers money because retailers have to raise prices and financial institutions must raise interest rates to cover the losses caused by identity thieves. The average identity theft victim suffers from at least one of these crimes each year.

Buying alcohol

The criminal side of buying alcohol with a fake ID is handled by the local police. Minors who are caught using a fake identification can be sentenced to twenty to thirty-two hours of community service, a fine of not more than $250, and even lose their driver’s license. This is a zero-tolerance crime that has no legal precedent in the United States. Using a fake identification to buy alcohol is against the law, but there are ways around the penalties.

Underage drinking is prohibited in most states, but teenagers have found new ways to get into trouble. Some teens demand that they drink alcohol. Although the law prohibits underage drinking, businesses must check identification cards to protect themselves from rogue minors. However, fake identification can be a major problem and can lead to serious consequences. Here are some tips to avoid getting arrested for drinking underage and buying alcohol with a fake ID.

Buying cars

Buying cars with fake ID card is an expensive scam for car dealers, as more lenders are demanding dealers buy back these fraudulent transactions. The contracts often require dealers to establish the buyer’s identity and cover damages if the car is stolen. A single stolen car deal can easily cost $100,000 or more. Dealers need to protect themselves as much as possible from fraud by educating themselves and being aware of the signs of a fraudulent purchase.

One recent case involving car dealers in the Los Angeles area involves a man who tried to buy a car using a fake ID. While buying a car, he provided the salesperson with a fake ID, and a stolen credit card. After the car dealer processed the car title with the fake I.D., the man was arrested for forgery and identity theft. However, his crime was only the tip of the iceberg.

Purchasing other forms of identification

Be wary of buying a fake ID, especially if you suspect that it’s a forged one. Most real IDs have rounded edges, so a square one may be fake. When handling an ID, feel for bumps, ridges, or irregularities on its surface. Real IDs cannot have split corners. Lastly, visually examine the ID. Look for known security features like holograms, microchips, and bar codes.

To avoid getting caught, always have an alternate form of ID in your wallet. This could include your credit card, social security card, student ID, or hunting or fishing license. When you ask someone to check the ID, make sure to keep the first ID and ask them for another one. You might want to take a photo of your other ID to match the one you’re showing them. If the IDs don’t match, ask them to hand it over to a supervisor or to another ID.

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