When Do You Need a Family Lawyer ?

There are lawyers specialized in handling specific issues. When it comes to an issue involving the home, a family lawyer is what you need. A family law firm can be of help in any of the following cases.


If a quarrel breaks out that leads to a separation between you and your partner, you need a berwick lawyer. The family lawyer will help you to solve issues that arise after separation. Such issues include division of property, and child custody, support, and visitation.


Adopting a child into your family is a noble act if only you do it the right way. To adopt someone legally, you need a family lawyer to ensure that due process is followed. In addition, the family lawyer will ensure that the adoption process is fast and easy.

Domestic Abuse

If you feel abused, whether physically or emotionally, by your partner, then you need to employ the services of a family lawyer. The lawyer will show you the measures you have to take to keep you and the rest of your family safe from your abusive partner.

To Keep Important Documents

You need a family lawyer to keep documents that will be of importance in the future to your family. This document might be a statement giving someone else the authority to act in your absence. When drafting important documents, your family lawyer will give you a few pieces of advice that will prove beneficial.

To Write a Will

A family lawyer is necessary if you want to write a will on how your properties should be handled when you are no more. Besides giving you legal advice when drafting the legal document, the family lawyer will ensure that all that is written in the will is obeyed by the latter. You can find the best will lawyers.


The reasons discussed in this article and more are why you need a family lawyer. However, you should only hire a family lawyer that is both trustworthy and reliable. There are a lot of scammers and fakes who pose as family lawyers to dupe you. Finally, you can find good family lawyers Adelaide if you look carefully.

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