Why Hire a Certified Arborist

Giving your trees comprehensive care will prevent them from causing harm to you and your property. Well-maintained trees help upgrade the exterior of your property and boost its value. Some property owners choose to manage tree care themselves, but the best approach to achieve healthy and attractive landscape trees is to hire an arborist.  

Becoming a professional arborist is not as easy as you imagine. It requires an individual to have at least three years of professional experience with tree care. They should also continue studying to retain their certification. Needless to say, certified arborists are the real experts in terms of tree care service

Here are some reasons why hiring a certified Fresno certified expert arborist is the best thing you can do for your trees:

They Offer Specialized Tree Care 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to care for all trees. Every tree requires special care that a certified arborist can provide. For instance, conifers would benefit from late winter pruning, while spring-blooming species are ideally pruned after blooming. 

A certified arborist relies on science and expertise to give the proper care for each tree species. If your trees receive proper treatment, they will likely grow more attractive and healthier. 

Certified Arborists can Diagnose Early Signs of Disease 

Some diseases can cause a tree’s death if not caught and attended to early. For an average homeowner, it may be challenging to identify early signs of disease, such as spots on the leave’s undersides or tiny cankers on the twigs. Certified arborists are trained to catch these signs as soon as they arise. 

They can also differentiate a severe tree disease from a minor one and provide the correct remedy. A correct diagnosis of your tree’s condition will allow it to get the proper treatment it needs.

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Arborists Can Give You Expert Tree Care Recommendation

Tree care differs from one tree type to another. The quality of soil, weather condition, and many other factors affect the type of tree care a tree requires to thrive. 

After a certified arborist inspects your trees and assesses their growing conditions, he can offer the proper recommendation to help you manage each tree. For instance, one type of fertilizer may be beneficial for your maple tree but not for your oak tree. A certified arborist will know exactly what each tree type needs to thrive. 

Certified Arborists Have Proper Tools 

There is perfect equipment for every job. Certified arborists invest in the proper and effective equipment to help them take care of trees with ease. They maintain their tools in the best condition and keep them clean and sharp. Additionally, you don’t need to purchase or store your equipment when you outsource a certified arborist. 

They Can Perform the Job Efficiently and Safely 

Tree care is not always a straightforward task. It can be a dangerous task that requires a particular set of skills and experience to complete seamlessly. Certified arborists spent years mastering the art of correct trimming and removal of trees. They understand the risks involved in the process and know the proper approach depending on the situation of each tree. Professional arborists own safety equipment and harness to allow them to reach tall branches that are not easy to access with a ladder.

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