3 Ways to Reduce Sick Days in Your Business

If you’re a business owner, having people calling in sick all the time could seriously affect productivity. If you only have a handful of employees, and many of them call in sick at the same time, you could find yourself in serious trouble and even be forced to interrupt your operation in some cases. If you have a large business, on the other hand, and multiple people from one department call in sick, it could make it nearly impossible to get any work done for entire days.

So, if people are taking more sick days than normal, you’ll have to give your business a deeper look and get to the root of the issue. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can reduce the number of sick days being taken in your business.

Improve Your Health and Wellness Initiatives

If you don’t have a health and wellness plan in your organization, you need to implement one immediately. And if you have one but haven’t looked at it in a while, you may want to look at it again and see how you can improve it. Encouraging your employees to be healthy will not only result in fewer sick days but will also make them more motivated and performant.

One thing you could consider is working with a service that can create benefit cards your employees can use on all sorts of over-the-counter medicine and wellness products, among other things. This alone could push them to live more healthily and medicate properly when they get sick, reducing the chance they have to call in sick the next day. If you want to see how two of the top healthcare benefits providers compare, you should check out this comparison between FirstLine Benefits and another similar provider.

Reconsider Your Scheduling and Working Arrangements

Sometimes people call in sick because they don’t have the will to go to work. This is why focusing on engagement and morale is very important if you want to reduce sick days. One of the things you could do to improve in these areas is look at different scheduling and working arrangements and discuss options with your employees.

Moving to a four-day 10-hour shift schedule with three-day weekends could work very well with your organization. You could also look at whether you could set up a hybrid workplace if you can’t go full remote. Both of these things could be more than enough to see a marked difference in sick days.

Improve Work Conditions

You also have to work to provide your employees with the best working environment possible. The more people love the place they work at, the more they’ll look forward to being in it, and the less likely they’ll be to call in sick.

See if you could do things like improve lighting, ventilation, and your decor to make it more attractive and comfortable. Greenery and natural light can greatly improve the quality of an environment and instantly boost morale. You should also see if you could make additions that will encourage employees to be healthy, like a gym or stations with fruits and healthy snacks.

If you follow these few tips, you should be able to reduce sick days in your organization pretty fast. Try to use as many of them as you can and always put the well-being of your employees first if you want them to show up.

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