4 Tips for Using Prescription and Wellness Discounts

Our overall health is a top priority that we sometimes put on the back burner because of our monthly bills. Prescription discount programs have become much more prevalent in recent years, allowing for cheaper prices on the drugs and medications we need.

There are easy ways to get on these discounts and coupons to avoid spending too much on your health expenses. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using these prescription and wellness discounts.

1. Try out new products.

With discounted costs, there are more options you may want to explore for your benefit. For example, Hims shampoo, part of a total hair package with clinically proven components that help to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is a genetic condition in families. This occurs when the level of androgen dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, rises in the body due to hormonal changes. When DHT levels increase, hair follicles start to shrink, leading to hair loss.

Prescription discount programs, such as a victoza discount card, allow for affordable access to Hims and other options in scalp care that help with hair loss treatment. This includes other hormone treatments to create a better path to good health for a patient of just about any age, with emphasis on better maintaining a healthy hairline.

2. Explore your generic options.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your spending on prescription drug costs is to invest in generic options to name brands. More than 80 percent of all drugs are generics, using the same active ingredients as brand-name medicines. Manufacturers of these generic drugs do not need to undergo the same rigorous studies that brands do. The generic drug just needs the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

By having this health information from the patent of a name brand, these third-party manufacturers are able to create a plethora of generic options at a significantly reduced price point. By exploring these discount programs, you’ll see just how expansive the options are.

3. Don’t be afraid to compare pricing.

The best part about these prescription and wellness discount programs is the ability to quote your prices. A medication may be cheaper through a different pharmacy chain than where you are currently getting your prescriptions filled. Oftentimes, box chain stores can offer competing rates to get your prescription filled at a cheaper rate.

Some search engines within these discount programs will help you find the cheapest rate in the vicinity of your ZIP code. These are designed with paramount customer service in mind. You could even see potential discounts by purchasing your medication beyond the standard 30-day dosage provided by pharmacies. Be sure to consider your regimen of prescriptions, and work out with your doctor at your next appointment the best steps to take to have the right supply.

4. Be transparent with your doctor.

Keeping the lengths of communication open with any members of your care team is key in making the most of your prescription discount program. For example, if you need prescription medication before or after dental services, be sure to keep in correspondence with the dentist to make sure you can take a different drug, obtain a different dosage, or even explore a generic option of a name brand.

From dermatologists to primary care providers, make sure that you are in touch regarding any pharmaceutical-related decisions. it can be as simple as a phone call to the office, not necessarily medical exams unless it’s for a recurring chronic medical condition. Sign up is easy and, in conjunction with knowledge of your medical history, can pave the way to saving patients a great deal of money.

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