5 Last minute RRB JE exam tips for candidates

The RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) is the recruitment board that recruits candidates across the nation for Junior Engineers (JE) positions. Throughout the year, candidates prepare for the RRB JE examination. When they are almost a week away from the examination day, most of them panic. As a result, many candidates forget the knowledge they prepared. Many aspirants lose their focus in the final stage of the examination. It is important for candidates to utilize the remaining days in preparation and achieve positive results in the RRB JE. Add up these few last minute revision tips to ace the preparation of the exam and get the desired outcome.

Blueprint to follow at the last time of the examination

1. Revision of important topics

The RRB JE consists of mathematics, general awareness, general science, and reasoning ability.  During the final remaining days of the examination revise the important topics from these modules. For instance, in Mathematics there are topics like BODMAS, number system, statistics calendar and dates, and others. Cut yourself from every distraction and stay focus on the academic curriculum. Prioritize your modules according to the RRB JE Time Table and revise all topics daily. Meanwhile, you can put more focus on the challenging topics where you are lagging.

2. Manage time and schedule

Don’t panic at the last time and stick to the routine that you are following throughout the preparation. An ideal timetable must have frequent breaks and study time. Also, organize your time in such a manner that you don’t spend much time on one question. Candidates have a problem with spending too much time on one question. As a result, most of them are unable to finish the examination on time.  Mock test paper and practice test sets are the best means to prepare and hone the time-management skills for the examination.

3. Maintain speed to gain maximum marks

Speed thinking and speed writing is the secret mantra to ace the examination with 100% percentile, provided that you write the correct answer only. While solving questions try to maintain speed and accuracy. It helps in completing the paper during the examination. Most of the candidates have the problem in the mathematics section. They are unable to solve all questions at a specific duration. For them, we suggest practicing previous year or sample questions. Rigorously and daily practice will enhance their writing speed. Also, it gives them a rough idea to take the correct approach in solving questions.

4. Share knowledge

So far you did well if you followed the above-mentioned tips. But, add one more to the list, that is knowledge sharing. Explain your answer to colleagues and share what you have understood. Suppose you doubt any module, you can get it clarified with the fellows. Also, knowledge sharing will improve the knowledge power. While explaining, you may figure out your weak zone where more preparation is required. It fills the knowledge gaps and increases the chances of clearing the RRB JE examination.

5. Plan one night before

One night before, it is mandatory to cross-check whether you are carrying your exam gear or not. Remember that the RRB JE Exam pattern is not so tricky, so carry only the essential stuff during examination (No mobile phones for paper). Make sure all of you are aware of it. Only a couple of days are remaining with the exam. Aspirants who are all well prepared for the examination can easily score good marks. One night prior it is important to pack all required stuff for the examination. Check whether your pen, admit card hall ticket and other relevant stuff are packed up or not.

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