5 Reasons Why Brands are Gravitating Towards Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have long been misunderstood as a chaotic, unprofessional ‘work’ environment that only freelancers prefer to hang out at generally. In the past few years, courtesy of the rise in coworking operators, the mindset of business owners and corporations has evolved the view of coworking to a hotspot for entrepreneurs, startups, and potential solopreneurs. In reality, they’re missing out on the obvious. Coworking comprises unique workspaces that emerge as work pastures, that help business owners to connect, network, collaborate based on similar interests. Today, when the world is at a standstill, slowly reeling from the pandemic, business owners are waking up to the need for flexibility and Seeing possibilities in shared workspaces that are the workplaces of the future.

Today, we see many tech giants such as Microsoft and Verizon encouraging their employees to work from such spaces because of their geographical advantages and vibe. It resonates very well with the millennial workforce who prefer to work passionately, as well as for the creative individuals to stay inspired. Here’s more on why established brand owners have a newfound faith in coworking: 

Thoughtful Amenities

The best part of any coworking setup across the world is its sheer flexibility, which extends to its amenities. For a member, they can upscale as per their requirement, without any major time, effort, or capital investment – and instead, just a slightly higher subscription charge! Think about it, it saves anyone heaps of their hard-earned money in terms of office supplies, furniture, COVID safe products (like Spread Good Vibes Only hand sanitisers, face masks, etc.) and everything they’d otherwise need to turn a rented space into an office.

The convenience can be applied whenever you require it – be it today or after three years when your business has grown considerably. And there are many success stories of startups that followed suit, such as Instagram, Spotify, etc.  

Aligning with innovation

Every business needs breakthrough ideas to go above and beyond everyday innovation, and set milestones. Since coworking brings professionals across many domains together in one place, it’s only natural that brands meet promising startups with big-time ideas that get them to collaborate or partner up with them into achieving common goals. 

Heightened Productivity

One of the bummers of working from home has to be the tremendous loneliness and feeling unmotivated that one experiences by themselves. For people working from shared offices, the abundance of human interaction, and its influence in keeping them at it, can be great for larger companies and their employees. 

Sense of Belonging

Many of you may be wondering how the coworking community can be helpful for bigger companies since they’re already established. Think about it, for an employee from Microsoft, working in a shared office setting, they become more aware of their capabilities, learn from others, as well as contribute to the overall community. At the end of the day, it’s a healthy way of growing yourself and together as you reach the same goals. It could also make the employees more confident and productive throughout their experience. 

Value for Money

For big brands, too much is at stake as they enter new markets, and therefore requires treading uncharted waters more carefully. Coworking comes as a blessing in terms of market research as well as setting up signature offices in that area while cutting unnecessary costs. Brand owners get a plug-and-play operating base, in a convenient subscription package, that they can further upgrade. This way they get more value for their membership, without any hassle or delays.   

Office 2.0: New Normal

The whole dynamism of coworking gets further enhanced because of the current setting, where professionals want to keep working from home, in the post-pandemic era. To adhere to social distancing protocols, coworking operators have adapted to a private space setting, personalized as per the members’ preferences and requirements. Major corporations are leveraging these amenities to suit their needs and encouraging their employees to come to these exclusive offices for meetings, brainstorming with their team every once in a while. 

If you’re a business owner looking for a vibrant coworking operator apt for your employees, here are some of our recommendations: 

They’re a community of passionate professionals from startups to medium and large businesses, perfect for learning, participating, and growing collectively. Their convenient workstations, each with a unique purpose, have something to offer everyone.  

One of the renowned shared offices  in Ahmedabad, their hip interiors and a plethora of amenities make them stand out for business owners. Their community comprises digital nomads, budding solopreneurs, and many eminent homegrown brands. 

Their upscale, coworking office space is known for its tech-enabled, dynamic amenities for professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups alike. Their range of different workstations with flexible seating, personalized services, cost-effective subscription models, give them a winning edge.   

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