8 Custom Items That Can Be Exclusive Company Souvenirs

When a company holds an event, of course they will also provide various types of company souvenirs to be distributed to visitors.

Since all ages, souvenirs/merchandise has always been one of the company’s promotional/branding media that has been proven to be effective and low cost.

Both large and small companies always have a variety of corporate souvenir ideas ranging from unique, ordinary, or even expensive ones. There is a good range of High-quality printed stationery at, that you can choose to give as your company’s souveniers.

Unfortunately, most of these companies still rely on “regular” merchandise such as key chains, goodie bags, atk, and blah blah blah.

Therefore, so that your company is able to present exclusive company souvenirs and certainly better than competitors, the following we recommend:

8 Custom Items That Can Be Exclusive Company Souvenirs

Immediately check one by one

1. Plastic Book Border

Have you ever received a corporate souvenir in the form of a bookmark like this? Surely the answer is rarely right.

If that’s the case, it’s definitely a company souvenir in the form of a Custom Plastic Book Border like this, of course, it will be an exclusive company souvenir idea.

What’s more, you can paste a good design on the front / back in full. It’s just a more unique souvenir, isn’t it?

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Hmm, if you want to give a much more entertaining souvenir, you can give this jigsaw or cardboard puzzle. Just print with a full design with your company logo.

After that decide what kind of puzzle you want? Is it round, square, or square? Now, when you have chosen the design and shape of the puzzle, you just have to share it right away.

People who receive it will definitely be happy because apart from being given office souvenirs, it’s also a brain teaser toy.

3. Photo/Wood Drawing

But if you want to make office/company merchandise with a slightly retro or classic theme, you can try printing your company logo on a wooden plate like this.

When it’s finished, please share it as a company souvenir. Guaranteed people who got the pleasure.

Because the gift you give can be used as a display, but it can also be used for other things, bro.

4. Plastic Drinking Bottles

If your company wants a souvenir that can be useful as well as environmentally friendly, you can give an idea by giving a custom plastic bottle like this.

Wow, people must be really happy because they are given free drinking water containers to accompany their daily activities. Because it will often be carried and shown everywhere, of course this item becomes a good promotional media for souvenirs, right?

Just choose if you want a round bottle with a box. Choose one that matches your company’s brand design.

5. Pencil Holder

Next, there is another prize that is no less interesting in the form of a pencil holder. It’s a ceramic object that resembles a glass, but it is used as storage of stationery such as ballpoint pens, rulers, and the like.

This pencil holder is really suitable for being a company promotion tool, because it can be placed anywhere and is suitable for any event frame.

For example, talk shows, seminars, workshops, etc. can be placed on the main speaker’s table. If the event on the air is also suitable for souvenir branding on the frame.

6. Flash card

Kalu can also provide useful, unique, and easy-to-carry company merchandise.

Yep! It’s called a flash card. You can print the front/back of the FD with your logo design or picture. After being unique with its appearance and images, its function can also be very useful for storing or backing up important data.

Regarding the recipient, it’s definitely happy to be given this. Because they will find the prize useful for storing important data for sure.

7. Wallet Pouch

Generally, companies always make exclusive souvenirs with the theme of storage bags. Either a big one in the form of a tote bag or a small one like a regular keresek bag. If you want something more unique, try giving an office souvenir in the form of a pouch like this.

Don’t get me wrong, even though it’s small, the pouch still holds your smartphone and money.

You can design the front/back of the pouch as you like. So to make it more synonymous with the company, just paste the design, right, bro?

8. Fullprint Drawstring Bag

Finally, if you want to make a unique office souvenir but have a little price, you can try making a fullprint drawstring bag, sis.

This one bag is guaranteed to be better and unique than other merchandise brands. Coupled with choosing a fullprint drawstring bag as your company’s souvenir, get ready to make it as identical as possible.

So, now you decide to make a custom gift? Did you know to buy it? is a hong kong gift company that provides a wide range of custom items. We have a collection of  corporate gifts hong kong that can be tailored to your needs.

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