8 Surprisingly Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is considered to be one famous alcoholic drink across the world. The bitter and crisp taste of beer actually goes very well with a lot of food items and is a preferred drink whenever you party or meet your friends or when watching a movie or match. You may consider Melvin Brewing just does this taste really great, it has a lot of health benefits too.

Beer is very good for the health when it is consumed in moderation. You must be aware that beer has hops that give it its bitter taste. And it is highly rich in the antioxidants known as flavanoids. This drink is rich in proteins and vitamin B. Here are some surprising health advantages of drinking beer. Make a note not to get carried away & drink in moderation.

1. Reduced risk of heart diseases

The presence of vitamin B6 in beer will protect you against several cardiovascular diseases. Beer prevents clot formation because of the thinning effect. When you drink it in moderation, it will lower down the inflammation risk.

2. Low in calories

Beer is very low in calories, carbohydrates as well as has no cholesterol or fat. To measure 12 ounces Guinness has the same calories of 12 ounces skim milk: around 125. It is less than the orange juice that is the same as the standard and ‘full-calorie beer. It is one only natural drink that has lesser calories than beer and they are black coffee, plain tea, and water

3. Protects your brain cells

Xanthohumol —it is one important chemical in beer that will shrink the liver tumors among rats —will protect the brain cells from its oxidative damage. As per the research, it was reported that xanthohumol & other beer ingredients have promoted the growth & development of the neurons — in a lab.

4. Beer can prevent cancers

Beer has a lot of chemicals and is also know to prevent and treat cancer —studies till now are done in the Petri dishes & rodents. One kind of bitter acid, called lupulone, has wiped out the tumors among rats with colon cancer that consumed it in drinking water. Xanthohumol, an important beer ingredient, looks promising.

Another research found that xanthohumol chemical shut down the abnormal cell growth & prevented DNA damage among rats when exposed to the cancer-causing chemicals. Some researchers have to say that xanthohumol can also be very good for humans, as it has cancer-fighting effects and can be seen at low doses — which is equivalent to what people will get with the moderate consumption of beer.

5. Beer will improve longevity

As per several independent studies, moderate drinkers can live longer & better than drunks and teetotalers. Beer is ideal for moderate drinking due to the lower alcohol content & higher volume when compared to wine and spirits. Beer, when taken in moderation, softens your temper, cheers your spirit, as well as promotes your overall health.

6. Beers make you relax and happy

One recent finding states that one important molecule in the beer called Hordenine can stimulate the brain in such a way that you feel relaxed and happier. That is probably why the social aspects of moderate drinking are beneficial to our health since it helps us to relax and stay happy.

7. Beer will act as the best alternative to painkillers

Drinking beer can be as effective as popping in the painkillers for splitting headaches. The researchers found that 2 pints of beer will cut down on your discomfort & pain by one quarter, so somewhat it is better than what the paracetamol will do. It happens because this drink elevates your blood alcohol content up to 0.08%, and cutting down on its intensity.

8. Increases your immunity

Beer will improve your immunity as well as keep you well-protected against any kind of infections and illness. You must drink beer within a limit for improved immunity.

Final Words

Now, if you do not drink, no need to feel a need to start. A healthy lifestyle is the best defense against any illness. However, if you enjoy drinking beer after work, you will feel a bit more virtuous of it, and knowing your favorite drink of choice comes with a lot of health bonuses.

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