A handy Checklist to On-Page SEO for 2021

An on-page comes as a set of techniques for the best practices for the web pages to make it easier and search-engine friendly. Hence it is very useful for boosting the ranking. Though the keywords are the all-in-one solution for SEO, it still does require more prominence for on-page SEO optimization. The on-page SEO usually requires a much more element that needs to be checked on properly for better ranking and enhanced visibility. To ensure that all of your pages are properly optimized, here is a very handy checklist for you. Have a look:


Your website surely needs to have a set of relevant and reliable images. Images contribute very conveniently to improve your user experience and ranking position. Images are the more intuitive way to make your content easier to digest. In other words, it makes your content more user-engaging and easy to memorize. As the content is optimized correctly with the images, it comes to a better place during the searching as per its relevance. Here are the tips on how to optimize your images properly:

  • Optimize the image file size:  the page speed plays a very important role in deciding the ranking performance of a website. It is applicable for both mobile searches and desktop. Adding bulky images with a larger file size can slow down your site loading speed. Thus it is important to compress the size of your images under 70 kb.
  • Optimize the image file name and alt text: Google bots treat the images just like humans do. Thus it is important to specify the purpose of the image. Thus it is important to add a descriptive file name such as “red-running-shoes.jpg” for your picture instead of “567996549.jpg”.  Also, you need to focus on the alt text of the image, which is going to help your site in case the image fails to load for any reason. For every image, you need to add keywords. You can avail help from any SEO Melbourne agency to know how to properly optimize your images for on-page SEO.

Page loading speed:

The page loading speed is a very important factor for ranking any website in search engines. Thus speed works as a major ranking factor for the pages. In case your pages take more than 2-3 seconds to load, your user is simply going to lose interest in your site. Thus you need to achieve a very fast ranking. Here is what you need to verify for your fast-loading web pages:

Make sure there are no unnecessary redirects

  •  Compress all the images
  • Code your site with the CSS and JS
  • Make sure the server response time is optimal
  • Enable the file compression along with browser caching

You need to review the site loading speed of your website regularly.


The URLs are one of the most important points in your checklist. You need to review the URLs of all the pages which are available on your site. Make sure the URLs are concise enough and not too long or complex. Usually, the shorter URLs are going to have better click-through rates. Hence the shorter URLs are much easier to digest by the search engine crawlers.

Title and meta description:

The Title and meta description in your website works as one of the most crucial factors for ranking.  You have to ensure that you have included the main keyword in the front of the title tags in all of your pages. Make sure that the length of your title tag is obviously under 60-65 characters. Too many characters can get truncated in the SERP result.

Make sure the title is the only element in the H1 heading tag. For the meta description, you need to ensure that you have written your main keyword. The meta description needs to be relevant for your user’s search intent. It is better to keep the meta under 160 characters.

You can use Zutrix Serp Checker information to see what keywords they are targeting, which ones they have succeeded at, and what keywords you should be targeting.


Tackling the on-page SEO for your website may be a daunting task to do, but doing it with the proper method is easily going to help you with better ranking. Apart from the above-mentioned points, you also need to optimize your external and internal links to make your page have the top ranking on the search engine.

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