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A Strategies British Businesses Can Use to Break into the Canadian Market

As a British business, you might think that it’s impossible to break into the Canadian market. However, this isn’t the case. Since the pandemic, consumers all over the world are willing to try different brands. Even as a British business, there’s no reason why you can’t find an audience in Canada. Here are some advanced strategies to help!

Influencer Marketing

If you’re worried that Canadian consumers will be wary of your business shouting about its own products, why not get an influencer to do the boasting on your behalf? Suddenly, consumers will see a Canadian influencer talking about your brand. Within seconds, your brand will have credibility in the market. If an audience’s favourite influencer mentions your brand, they now have reason to trust it.

When using this strategy, make sure you choose a popular influencer with a positive reputation. You don’t want to choose an influencer only to then find that they have been involved in various controversies. Make sure they have a positive reputation as well as followers in your niche.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

Next, nobody knows the Canadian market as well as marketing agencies. Why go it alone when you can benefit from the expertise of a digital marketing agency? They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to resonate with the Canadian market. Working with an agency is one of the best ways to learn the minutiae between advertising to a British audience and a Canadian audience.

As well as learning, digital marketing specialists in Canada will also take pressure from you. For example, they can handle paid advertising campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns while you communicate with consumers and concentrate on making a good impression.

Collaborate with Other Brands

While you don’t want to collaborate with competitors, you can collaborate with other brands that already have an established reputation in the market. Suddenly, consumers see your name linked with the established brand and this leads to credibility (just as it does with influencer marketing).

You could collaborate by producing a product/service, holding an event, running a competition, or doing something else together. Alternatively, it might just be some simple social media posts. While you boost your reputation in Canada, the Canadian brand might want to start building a presence in the UK. Therefore, you can help each other to grow.

Choose the Right Strategy

What’s more, there’s more than one way to enter a new market. So far, we’ve assumed that you want to operate in the Canadian market just as you do at home. However, you can utilize one of the following structures:

  • Franchising/Licensing
  • Exporting
  • Joint Ventures

In other words, you could allow a Canadian businessperson to launch using your brand name and resources, export to a Canadian company (to then sell your products in the country), or join up with an existing Canadian company. If you want to succeed in a foreign market, make sure you consider all entry structures and choose the right one for your brand.

Create Separate Entities

If you want to take the new venture seriously, don’t go half-hearted. For instance, create new social media accounts and a dedicated website for the Canadian audience. This way, you get authority and credibility with the Canadian consumers while not disrupting the successful business in the UK.

As a British business, even thinking about entering the Canadian market can cause nerves. Thankfully, these strategies help to create a smooth transition. Remember, utilize the knowledge and experience of a digital marketing agency; it’s especially useful if they have experience in both markets!

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