The number of cars isalways increasing globally due to high demand of automobiles. This increase results to need for modern more car washing services. This is a business opportunity: car washing. High demand coupled by need for faster services are has led to increased use of the machines. Aico car washing machine is among washing machines available on market. This article is focusing on Aico car wash machine.

Common Aico car wash machines available on the market

There are various carwash machines manufactured by Aico. Each type is priced basing on features as indicated later in this article. The designis tailored to meet certain customer needs. Here are common types of the machines under the same brand name.

  • AICO Commercial and High Pressure Machine
  • High gasoline AICO Pressure Washer
  • 2500PSI/ 2600 PSI
  • Electric Car washing machine
  • Professional car washing machine

The above list is not comprehensive. There are more models available in shops and from manufacturer agents.

Key features of Aico car wash machine

  • Self-priming capabilities – it can pump water from external sources like from a pump.
  • Portability – it is relatively light; it can be comfortably moved without much efforts
  • Versatile – it can work while in either horizontal or vertical positions.
  • Repair and maintenance – spare parts are available in most spare part shops; repair services are easily accessible.
  • Convenience – telescopic handle enables cleaning narrow regions that the hand cannot reach.

The price of Aico car wash machine

The price of any equipment or machine is dependent on three basic factors: features, brand or manufacturer and agreement between the buyer and seller. For car washing machines, the price is determined by features like the length of the horse pipe, how the engine is powered, efficiency and strength of the machine.

What to look for in Aico car wash machine

Before choosing a car wash machine, the factors highlighted below should be considered. They are when determining the quality and whether the machine will meet daily demands of the job.

Length of horse pipe:Longer horse pipe is required for easy movement and cleaning of various parts of a vehicle. It is important to note that the price of the machine is directly proportional to horse length.

Fuel type: The machine is either powered by fuel or electrically. Electrically powered machines cost more than petrol powered ones. If budget is a concern, then petrol car washing machine is an option because it is cheaper.

Efficiency: The efficiency of the machine is measured using PSI power. If PSI is high, the machine is more powerful and hence costly.

Engine power: Any car washing machine strength is determined by engine power. A good machine has a minimum horse power of 5 Hp. The flow rate of water and pressure relies on engine power.

Flow rate: To clean a vehicle quickly, the machine should be able to pump out water quickly. The flow rate of water should therefore be high.

Mobility: For easy movement, heavy car wash machines should be fitted with wheels.

To conclude, AICO car wash machine is an example of the best car washing machines used in car wash business. Customers can use information discussed above when they want to invest in this business. This information is for guidance purposes only.

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