Are bingo bars the new trend?

From October 2018 to September 2019, bingo in the UK generated over £1 billion in revenue. The highest share was generated by main stage bingo, with approximately £626.45 million. Bingo, it seems, is in a healthy state.

However, this didn’t always seem to be the case. Between 2005 and 2014, over 600 bingo halls were forced to close their doors all across the UK. Clearly, it initially seemed as though Britain had fallen out of love with the game.

Fortunately, this wasn’t reflective of what was really happening. In fact, more and more people were simply switching over to playing bingo online, and so fewer people were frequenting bingo halls.

In short, Barbados bingo games have had to evolve in order to maintain its popularity. Nowadays, it’s reported that over 3.5 million people in the UK play regular online bingo. We’re more in love with it than ever!

A new direction away from the web?

Bingo’s transition online has been so successful it’s hard to imagine people going back to bingo halls. However, there may just be a new direction bingo could take.

Ever since people started gambling thousands of years ago, its story makes very interesting reading. We’ve all heard stories of the Wild West and card tricks in saloons. So gambling and bars have always gone hand in hand. Therefore, it’s not really too much of a surprise to hear that bingo bars are rapidly gaining popularity in the UK.

So, when did the bingo bar trend really kick off? Surprisingly, it wasn’t until fairly recently that the bingo bar movement started gaining momentum. What’s more, it wasn’t the traditional older demographic of people who started the ball rolling (excuse the pun).

Bearing in mind that bingo is popular with people of all ages, it was specifically younger hipsters who have got in on the action. Large cities around the UK are setting up hipster bingo venues where you can socialise with friends, enjoy some drinks and play some bingo too.

A typical venue would be a rented warehouse out of town where the cost to hire a large space is cheap. This also helps to keep the costs of hosting the events down to a minimum.

Normally, there’ll be music, dancing, a working kitchen for you to order food, and obviously the bar area.

Why are bingo bars such a success?

Bingo bars are gaining in popularity and it’s easy to see why. They’re providing young people with inexpensive ways to have a night out, socialising with friends and having some traditional forms of fun.

Millennials and the Gen Z age demographic have suffered much publicised economic difficulties, often citing 21st century life as simply too expensive for their means. Bar bingo is a great way to kill numerous birds with the same stone, saving you money. There’s food, there’s drink, your friends are there – and bingo is a good way of having fun and bringing people together. You never know, there may be prizes too!

Bingo reaching a new generation

When bingo went up online, it opened it up to a whole new demographic who probably wouldn’t ever have considered setting foot inside a bingo hall. Once again, bingo has taken a giant step forward, ensuring its survival for many years to come.

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