AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Various Countries

Introduction: According to LINKEDIN there are 4,935 jobs regarding cloud architect which were posted last month in India and 39,000+ cloud architect jobs were posted last month in the United States.

According to Forbes cloud architect stands in the top 15 highest paid Tech jobs. So many of them do not know about cloud architect.

Now let us look at this from the perspective of AWS cloud.

Who is an AWS Solution Architect?

Before getting into who is an AWS solution architect. First, let us know who is a solution architect?

A solution architect is responsible for designing the pathway to the teams for building an application and using appropriate services which are beneficial for the organization. A Solution architect also helps different teams by providing constant solutions to the problems faced by the different teams according to their needs.

Now, this role needs a mixture of knowledge of technical and business skills. This position will be focusing on solving business problems with technology.

Now to know about an AWS solution architect, he will be dealing to make a pathway to use the AWS services [like EC2, S3, etc] efficiently and cost-effectively according to the organizational requirements.

What are the skills required to become a solution architect?

To become an AWS solution architect we need some skill sets that you can acquire from the AWS Training. Now let us see some of the key skills required for this position.

  1. AWS skills: This is one of the key skills that an AWS solution architect should possess. he needs to have a clear understanding of different AWS services and how to use them. he needs to have a clear idea about the AWS architecture like how to create the architecture, what services to use to get an efficient and cost-effective design.
  2. Linux/Unix: We can see a lot and websites and software are based on Linux/Unix. So to resolve the application-related problems we need to know shell scripting. We need to have a clear understanding of major Linux operations.
  3. Security knowledge: We need to know about securing the application for designing architecture and solving the problems regarding any data leak from the application.
  4. Programming languages: Being in the technical field we need to have proper knowledge of programming languages.Because if we do not have it we cannot understand the problem to solve or to make a design of the application.

The basic languages are Java, Python,c#, etc which are identified by AWS SDK.

Additionally, we need to have a certification that AWS is offering. There are many certifications offered by AWS. But we have a certification for AWS solution architect. we have two types of certification:

  1. Associate level
  2. Professional level

These certifications are really important because when we attend an interview they will see if all the required skills are matched or not. But when an AWS solution architect certification is present then it depicts that we have cleared the exam and we can do that job.

Based on AWS Certification In Tampa we can show that we know how to architect according to the client’s requirement efficiently, cost-effectively, and deploy the application using AWS services.

These skills were taken from the different companies’ job descriptions. so we will be having an idea of what recruiters are expecting with the position.

Roles and responsibilities of an AWS architect:

  • The main role of an AWS architect is to help the organizations to deploy their application onto the AWS platform efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • AWS architect will help to change the architecture of the physical infrastructure of an organization to an AWS cloud platform which comparatively decreases the maintenance expense spent on physical infrastructure.
  • AWS architect plays a major role in the designing of architecture according to the budget of the company.
  • AWS architects will help solve the business problems with the implementation of AWS technologies.

Salaries of AWS solution architects in different countries Table:

Countries BeginnerI(1-4 years) Mid-career (5-9 years) Experienced (10-19 years) Late career (20+ years)
Malaysia RM 94,340 RM 137,647 RM 166,233
United States $94,314 $116,382 $128,489 $136,072
Singapore S$55,495 S$112,083 S$110,530 S$141,810
India ₹714,124 ₹1,530,166 ₹2,089,659 ₹2,553,693
United Kingdom £47,598 £60,252 £67,039 £70,090
Australia AU$113,605 AU$132,655 AU$136,917 AU$144,660
UAE AED 216,000 AED 249,833 AED 332,129 AED 500,000
Canada C$85,867 C$101,099 C$108,548 C$115,374

Factors that affect the change in range of salary in India:

Some factors affecting the range of salaries :

  1. Location
  2. Experience
  3. Skillset
  4. Location: As we can see from the summary table There is a lot of difference in the salaries according to different geographical locations. As we can see for a beginner it is RM 94340 which is around 1660210.30 INR in Malaysia but in India, it is 7,14,124 INR. So there will be a vast difference in the range of salaries based on the geographical location. This depends on various factors like the ratio of the number of opportunities and the number of applicants for the job. And comparatively, India is more populated than other countries so there will be a vast difference.
  5. Experience: Of Course experience plays an important role in the fluctuation of salary. Here in India, the beginner is having ₹7,14,124, Mid-career with 5 to 9 years of experience is having ₹15,30,166 which is approximately more than two times the beginner salary. This is because the person will be having some prior experience in handling complex situations so they will be offering more pay based on experience.
  6. Skillset: Not only location and experience we need to exhibit our skills in the resume for getting into the job. We can do this by including projects you are involved in and certifications we have done.

We need to exhibit your skills as a solution architect by including the certifications of Associate, professional level to move out from the crowd. This exhibits your expertise for the position of solution architect. Not only certifications we can include the projects we are involved in to exhibit our skillset.

AWS Solutions Architect Average Salary by different Countries:

  1. Malaysia :
  2. Unite States
  3. Singapore:
  4. India
  5. United kingdom
  6. Australia
  7. UAE
  8. Canada

Conclusion: So these are the basic topics that need to be known to become a solution architect. This blog covered who is a solution architect, Roles, and responsibilities, Salaries offered in different countries including the AWS Training in Bangalore.

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