Bathroom vanity store “New Bathroom Style” believes  no matter how carefully someone uses the bathroom, its surface becomes unusable and needs to be restored over time. Restoration can be done several ways, but enameling remains the most popular. What composition is best suited for these purposes? This is what will be discussed in the article. If you need unique bathroom vanities or 24 Inch or 36 inch bathroom vanities, welcome our web bathroom supply store and make your choice.


Over time, stains and lines can form on the bath’s surface, which cannot be removed using detergents. Some owners decide to make a complete replacement of plumbing, but this can be avoided by applying enamel. This process consists of applying a new layer of protective substance to the bath in the form of paint. In the factory, the coating on the bath takes place at a high temperature by the powder method. At the same time, the metal bath itself is heated, and the powder melts on it, forming a monolithic layer of high-quality enamel. It is impossible to repeat such a technological process at home, so you have to resort to the help of modern compounds that can be applied with your own hands in conditions close to Spartan. Most often, to restore the enameled coating of the bath, you do not have to perform dismantling work, which entails many problems. It becomes obvious that it is not possible to repeat the quality of the factory coating of the bath, so you need to know about some of the features of the method: a relatively shorter service life; the possibility of choosing a color; the possibility of drawing with your own hands; the possibility of partial color change; lower mechanical stability of some compositions; restriction on the use of detergents. Although the enamel re-applied to the bath is less mechanically stable than the original, its service life can reach ten years or more. Everything will depend on the correct preparation of the surface and the technology of applying enamel. The advantage of enamel, which is applied to the bath itself during restoration, is the ability to choose a color. In this case, you can create an overflow if you allow enough time to work. It is worth being prepared because over time, under the influence of various chemicals, the shade may slightly change its tone, which is acceptable. Some types of enamels after application involve the use of only non-abrasive detergents.


The right choice of bath enamel is to understand the nuances of the application and the characteristics of the composition. It is necessary to evaluate: the method of application, compound; enamel color; hardener color. The method of coating the bath may differ depending on the tool used. Some types of enamels are supplied in aerosol cans. In this case, the preparation of the composition is not required. It is enough to shake the container well and spray it on the bath’s surface. This recovery option is not the best, so it is used for temporary fragmentary elimination of flaws in a metal or cast iron bath. A roller or brush is used for other enamels applied to the bath. They last much longer, but you must be especially careful not to leave bumps on the surface when performing work. One of the best ways to restore a bathtub is a self-leveling one. You will not need additional tools for its implementation, except for a spatula. The composition is evenly distributed over the bath surface from a small container. In this case, due to surface tension, the liquid is independently distributed along the walls. A significant part of it drains to the bottom, so the gaps on the walls are filled with a spatula. The large thickness of the bottom is more of a plus than a minus. By composition, bath enamels are divided into the following types: one-component; two-component. The first type of material is ready for use without additional manipulations. The second type of enamel consists of two liquids, as the name suggests. One is the main coloring agent, and the second acts as a hardener, which fixes the enamel on the bath’s surface. Two-component formulations also have their subspecies, depending on the main substance in the composition. Among the main ones are polyester; acrylic. The first type of base is better known as epoxy resins. They have been used for a long time in the restoration of bathtubs. The advantage is the relative ease of application and long service life.

But there are more disadvantages to such a solution for a bath than advantages. You can not use various powder and aggressive cleaning agents with such a coating. This will damage the epoxy and require a resurfacing process. There are certain temperature limits. If you do not follow the regime, the surface may be deformed. When working with epoxy enamel, it is necessary to use a respirator with carbon filters. This need is caused by specific fumes that can harm health. Acrylic enamels outperform the previous type by a wide margin. They are also called liquid acrylic or bulk bath. The composition of the solution includes environmentally friendly substances.

There is no feeling of discomfort when working with them, and no enhanced security measures are required. This is due to the absence of harmful fumes. After the polymerization of the enamel, its surface becomes perfectly smooth. In terms of mechanical strength, it is higher than that of epoxy enamel. In addition, the range of detergents is wider since most of them cannot damage the acrylic surface. The service life of such enamel reaches 15 years with proper handling.

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Note! High-quality acrylic enamel withstands the fall of heavy objects. The enamel manufacturer must supply or produce additional components separately. They are degreasers and other liquids. If purchased separately from other manufacturers, they may not always be suitable in composition or even harm the finish. Degreasers are required at the preparatory stage when the surface is cleaned for enamel application. Attention should also be paid to the color of the hardener. A translucent or gray liquid is considered ideal. If the substance has a different shade, then there is a possibility of various spots appearing on the finish layer, which will spoil the appearance. Advice! To achieve the desired shade of enamel will allow pigments. They can be supplied with the composition or purchased separately.

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